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This is an on-going list of old towns and ghost towns in Michigan

There were once over 5400 named places and old towns in Michigan, many of them had post offices. This section details some of them. Some are long gone, others hang on with remnants of the distant past.

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NameCountyDate Added
 Afton Cheboygan3/5/2022
 Alabaster Iosco3/4/2022
 Alba Antrim3/4/2022
 Albee Saginaw3/4/2022
 Alden Antrim3/4/2022
 Alembic Isabella3/5/2022
 Alicia Saginaw1/30/2022
 Allenton St. Clair1/30/2022
 Amsden Montcalm3/5/2022
 Andersonville Oakland1/30/2022
 Applegate Sanilac1/30/2022
 Arcadia Lapeer1/30/2022
 Arenac Arenac1/30/2022
 Argyle Sanilac1/30/2022
 Ashley Gratiot1/31/2022
 Atlas Genesee1/31/2022
 Attica Lapeer1/31/2022
 Averill Midland1/31/2022
 Bancroft Shiawassee1/31/2022
 Bangor Van Buren3/5/2022
 Bannister Gratiot3/5/2022
 Beaverton Gladwin3/5/2022
 Bell Oak Ingham3/5/2022
 Bennington Shiawassee3/5/2022
 Black's Corners Lapeer3/5/2022
 Brant Saginaw2/1/2022
 Brown City Sanilac2/1/2022
 Bunker Hill Ingham2/1/2022
 Burt Saginaw2/1/2022
 Carson City Montcalm3/4/2022
 Deerfield Lenawee3/4/2022
 Idlewild Lake3/5/2022
 Kensington Oakland2/14/2021
 Lum Lapeer4/10/2021
 Shaftsburg Shiawassee3/5/2022
 Thornville Lapeer3/5/2022
 Tunk Grand Traverse2/22/2021
 Unidilla Livingston3/5/2022
 Union Plains Shiawassee3/5/2022
 Watertown Sanilac3/5/2022
 Wellston Manistee3/4/2022
 White Rock Huron3/5/2022
 Whites Beach Antrim3/5/2022
 Whitesburg Genesee3/5/2022
 Whiting Lapeer3/5/2022
 Wickware Sanilac3/5/2022
 Williamsville Livingston3/5/2022
 Wilmot Tuscola3/5/2022
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