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NameCityCountyLocation TypeDate Added
 Al-O-Ray Motel ManistiqueSchoolcraftLodging06/10/2023 17:48:57
 Anchor Inn Lodge (Marine Bay Lodge) East ChinaSt. ClairLodging08/09/2023 15:20:23
 Armada Theatre ArmadaMacombMovie Theatres11/07/2022 16:13:22
 Au Sable Motel GraylingCrawfordLodging05/28/2023 14:08:38
 Avalon Ballroom at Barron Lake NilesCassDance Halls04/29/2023 06:44:42
 B&L Speedway BenzoniaBenzieMotor Speedways05/21/2023 09:15:17
 Baldwin Theatre BaldwinLakeMovie Theatres07/17/2009 11:21:10
 Bay Motel AlpenaAlpenaLodging12/09/2022 09:14:45
 Bellaire Theatre BellaireAntrimMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Bellevue Drive-In BellevueEatonDining07/04/2022 18:50:51
 Bellevue Theatre BellevueEatonMovie Theatres12/04/2005 20:32:32
 Bessemer Theater BessemerGogebicMovie Theatres04/27/2021 23:05:16
 Big Dip Burgers Walled LakeOaklandDining07/17/2022 19:42:59
 Bilt-Mor Motel Sault Ste. MarieChippewaLodging09/26/2022 14:38:10
 Bissey Motel ClarkstonOaklandLodging11/19/2022 18:11:13
 Blue Gingham Inn And Motel CadillacWexfordDining08/31/2023 10:36:27
 Brattain's Motel on M-28 StrongsChippewaLodging11/27/2022 22:28:30
 Breeze Way Drive-In ClintonN/ADrive-In Theatres02/21/2021 13:09:59
 Bridgman Theatre BridgmanBerrienMovie Theatres11/16/2004 18:49:33
 Brighton Cinemas 9 BrightonLivingstonMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Brown City Theater Brown CitySanilacMovie Theatres05/03/2021 01:40:49
 Budd Theatre HarrisonClareMovie Theatres05/09/2023 06:40:52
 Burnside Drive-In Theatre BurnsideLapeerDrive-In Theatres10/04/2023 09:05:02
 Cadmus CadmusLenaweeGhost Towns and Old Towns06/26/2022 16:13:18
 Call of the Wild GaylordOtsegoRoadside Attractions12/14/2022 17:15:59
 Callier Theatre BeldingIoniaMovie Theatres11/07/2022 16:13:26
 Capitol Theatre MillingtonTuscolaMovie Theatres07/07/2006 12:23:31
 Carousel Twin Theatres WarrenMacombMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Cascades Motel JacksonJacksonLodging08/30/2023 17:16:26
 Cedar Gables Motel (B's Hive Motel) NewberryLuceLodging08/13/2023 07:17:41
 Center Theater YpsilantiWashtenawMovie Theatres05/21/2021 11:51:39
 Centre Theater South HavenVan BurenMovie Theatres04/29/2021 15:47:57
 Chatham Theatre ChathamAlgerMovie Theatres11/10/2022 19:56:44
 Chester Motel (Econolodge) ColdwaterBranchLodging01/21/2023 22:32:38
 Cinema 10 FlintGeneseeMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Cinema 35 Drive-In West AlexandriaN/ADrive-In Theatres02/21/2021 13:09:59
 Cinema 40 Drive-In CloverdaleN/ADrive-In Theatres02/21/2021 13:09:59
 Clarkston Cinema ClarkstonOaklandMovie Theatres08/16/2023 12:58:39
 Coliseum Theatre BronsonBranchMovie Theatres05/06/2021 11:37:49
 Colony Plaza AlgonacSt. ClairMalls and Retail11/07/2022 08:29:25
 Commerce Drive-In Theatre CommerceOaklandDrive-In Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Coney Hut Drive Inn JonesvilleHillsdaleDining01/04/2023 00:07:07
 Copper Country Mall HoughtonHoughtonMalls and Retail03/15/2022 21:52:52
 Country Lanes AkronTuscolaSports Venues11/07/2022 14:28:51
 Creek Theatre Swartz CreekGeneseeMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Crown Theatre MarneOttawaMovie Theatres12/02/2003 08:54:55
 Crystal Theatre BeulahBenzieMovie Theatres03/10/2004 10:36:43
 Cub Lake Roller Rink HillsdaleHillsdaleSports Venues09/01/2022 21:09:37
 Cub Theatre Bear LakeManisteeMovie Theatres12/02/2003 08:25:07
 Dairy Queen Three RiversSt. JosephDining01/17/2023 19:57:03
 Deer Acres Storybook Amusement Park PinconningBayRoadside Attractions10/17/2023 18:52:56
 Deer Forest ColomaBerrienRoadside Attractions10/17/2023 18:58:30
 Delton Theatre DeltonBarryMovie Theatres11/10/2022 19:56:42
 Deluxe Theatre Imlay CityLapeerMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Depot Cinema KinrossChippewaMovie Theatres09/10/2023 21:51:33
 Devil's Lake Drive-In Theatre Manitou BeachLenaweeDrive-In Theatres05/14/2023 06:30:27
 Devils Lake Amusement Park Manitou BeachLenaweeAmusement Parks07/06/2023 12:55:56
 Diamond-T Ranch Drive-In Theatre ClaytonLenaweeDrive-In Theatres11/06/2022 18:08:45
 Dixie Theatre MonroeMonroeMovie Theatres08/12/2005 09:14:50
 Dog n' Suds (DogNSuds, Dog-N-Suds) MontagueMuskegonDining06/08/2023 10:55:57
 Dort Mall FlintGeneseeMalls and Retail02/28/2022 09:39:23
 Dort Mall Cinema FlintGeneseeMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Eastland Twin Theatres EssexvilleBayMovie Theatres09/12/2004 01:11:22
 Eddie's Drive-In West ColomaBerrienDining07/17/2022 19:26:04
 Edgewood Motel Rapid RiverDeltaLodging07/23/2023 08:38:05
 El-Bert-A Motel & Coffee Shop Swartz CreekGeneseeLodging07/17/2023 15:39:19
 Elmira Motel ElmiraAntrimLodging08/31/2023 12:37:43
 Est-Wood Motel St. HelenRoscommonLodging05/11/2023 23:48:19
 Fonro Lodge Resort Motel (Cole Creek) FairviewMasonLodging04/16/2023 07:16:24
 Four Leaf Clover Motel TekonshaCalhounLodging10/22/2023 17:09:16
 Four Leaf Clover Motel HomerCalhounLodging08/19/2023 10:37:52
 Fowler Theater FowlerClintonMovie Theatres03/02/2021 13:21:19
 Frostop Root Beer PontiacOaklandDining06/04/2023 16:45:19
 Fruitport Pavilion (Pamona Pavlion) FruitportMuskegonDance Halls04/29/2023 06:44:42
 Gay-Sego Motel (Royal Crest Motel) GaylordOtsegoLodging07/29/2023 10:25:55
 Gem Motel AlbionCalhounLodging08/19/2023 15:18:47
 Glen-Arah Theater White CloudNewaygoMovie Theatres05/01/2023 12:24:25
 Green's Standard Service and Space Age Motel (M-46 Motel) CaroTuscolaLodging09/04/2023 12:54:00
 Halstead's Bayside Park Motel & Restaurant Bark RiverDeltaLodging07/31/2023 19:34:19
 Hampton 6 EssexvilleBayMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Happy Dayz Drive-In and Diner PinconningBayDining06/01/2023 07:49:01
 Harmony Motel Fair HavenSt. ClairLodging06/10/2023 16:49:55
 Harvard Speedway HarvardKentMotor Speedways08/28/2003 00:00:00
 Hawaiian Gardens Restaurant and Motel HollyOaklandLodging08/30/2023 19:14:04
 Hayes State Park Motel GaylordOtsegoLodging12/28/2022 09:19:30
 Hell HellLivingstonRoadside Attractions10/08/2023 10:58:36
 Hilltop Drive-In Theatre EscanabaDeltaDrive-In Theatres01/27/2023 22:10:36
 Holly Theatre HollyOaklandMovie Theatres01/23/2023 20:14:34
 Honeymoon Lodge Motel (Coastal Inn) BeulahBenzieLodging11/11/2023 12:53:07
 Hospitality House Motel (Marshall Motel) GraylingCrawfordLodging01/20/2023 09:15:08
 House of Yesteryear Iron MountainDickinsonRoadside Attractions12/15/2022 19:29:44
 Huron Trail Motel (Richmond Motel) KawkawlinBayLodging07/27/2023 12:43:53
 Huron Valley Motel MilfordOaklandLodging12/14/2022 00:02:31
 Ideal Theatre IthacaGratiotMovie Theatres11/07/2022 06:50:11
 Indian River Theatre Indian RiverCheboyganMovie Theatres12/18/2003 22:09:06
 Irish Hills Area OnstedLenaweeRoadside Attractions07/15/2023 23:52:33
 Irish Hills Towers OnstedLenaweeRoadside Attractions05/21/2023 00:10:52
 Kane Road Drive-In AliquippaN/ADrive-In Theatres02/21/2021 13:09:59
 Ken Theatre FrankenmuthSaginawMovie Theatres12/02/2003 09:25:31
 Kilmanagh KilmanaghHuronGhost Towns and Old Towns06/25/2022 21:00:48
 LaFoille's Bowling Alleys ManistiqueSchoolcraftSports Venues02/06/2023 23:52:36
 Lake Drive-In Big Bear LakeN/ADrive-In Theatres02/21/2021 13:09:59
 Lake Theatre Walled LakeOaklandMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Lake Theatre LakeviewMontcalmMovie Theatres06/27/2003 22:26:37
 Lake Theatre Lake OdessaIoniaMovie Theatres04/23/2003 07:40:55
 Lakes Drive-In Theatre BrightonLivingstonDrive-In Theatres02/15/2023 10:26:28
 Lakes Drive-In Theatre Lake LindenHoughtonDrive-In Theatres05/29/2023 07:33:10
 Lakeshore Drive-In Theatre Fort GratiotSt. ClairDrive-In Theatres01/08/2023 08:46:17
 Lakeshore Putt-Putt Golf Fort GratiotSt. ClairAmusement Parks09/10/2023 19:03:07
 Lakeside Motel Houghton LakeRoscommonLodging09/02/2023 10:42:02
 Lee Theatre Whitmore LakeWashtenawMovie Theatres12/02/2003 09:19:14
 Legion Theater New BuffaloBerrienMovie Theatres11/10/2022 19:56:41
 Lincoln Theatre SebewaingHuronMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Linden Theatre LindenGeneseeMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Locke's Motel & Restaurant (Seney Country Inn) SeneyLenaweeLodging05/15/2023 14:21:36
 Lona Theatre MancelonaAntrimMovie Theatres03/02/2003 20:41:42
 Lum LumLapeerGhost Towns and Old Towns11/06/2022 08:32:43
 Lutz's Drive In DowagiacCassDining07/03/2022 14:57:25
 M&W Bowling Lanes GoblesVan BurenSports Venues09/18/2023 19:01:11
 M-37 Dragway BrohmanNewaygoDrag Racing05/22/2023 08:23:21
 MacJo Motel HulbertChippewaLodging06/10/2023 14:21:21
 Maple Crest Motel SturgisSt. JosephLodging01/21/2023 21:14:15
 Maple Springs Golf Range MetamoraLapeerSports Venues01/11/2023 14:09:53
 Maplecroft Drive-In ClaytonN/ADrive-In Theatres02/21/2021 13:09:59
 Mason Twin Cinema (Plaza Cinema 1 and 2) MasonInghamMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 May Theatre MontroseGeneseeMovie Theatres07/14/2023 08:36:25
 Meadow Lanes (Homer Lanes) HomerCalhounSports Venues11/06/2022 14:52:05
 Melody Motel St. IgnaceMackinacLodging05/13/2023 10:24:43
 Meredith Drive-In Theatre MeredithGladwinDrive-In Theatres01/24/2023 13:53:02
 Merry Land Theater AddisonLenaweeMovie Theatres04/30/2021 22:10:36
 Michigan WaterWorld New HudsonOaklandAmusement Parks04/29/2023 06:44:39
 Midway Theatre SpaldingMenomineeMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Mineral River Plaza White PineOntonagonMalls and Retail03/14/2022 01:18:23
 Miracle Mile Drive-In Theatre PontiacOaklandDrive-In Theatres10/16/2023 20:33:15
 Miss Molly's Drive-In Lake CityMissaukeeDining05/12/2023 07:37:08
 Model Theater South HavenVan BurenMovie Theatres04/29/2021 13:06:05
 Montague Mountain Inn (Montague Inn, Hilltop Motel) MontagueMuskegonLodging08/30/2023 23:37:12
 Montrose Lanes (Village Bowl) MontroseGeneseeSports Venues11/06/2022 21:50:37
 Motel Bay De Noc CooksSchoolcraftLodging06/10/2023 19:07:55
 Motor Vu Twin Drive-In ImperialN/ADrive-In Theatres02/21/2021 13:09:59
 Movies at North Kent Grand RapidsKentMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Movies at Prudential Town Center SouthfieldOaklandMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Mr. Jon's (Hub's, Jonathan's Landing, Just Between Friends, Shenanigans) OdenEmmetDining05/29/2023 09:40:10
 Mystery Hill OnstedLenaweeRoadside Attractions01/09/2023 14:47:57
 Mystery Ridge East TawasIoscoRoadside Attractions10/12/2023 08:13:24
 New Michigan Motel (Barnes Motel) ColdwaterBranchLodging10/08/2023 13:37:01
 Nike Missile Base Park, Site D-87 CommerceOaklandAirport Military and Infrastructure10/08/2023 21:50:09
 Northerner Motel (Breakers Restaurant) TopinabeeCheboyganLodging09/04/2023 14:21:53
 Northgate Cinemas Hazel ParkOaklandMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 NorthStar Cinemas WhitehallMuskegonMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Northwoods Drive-In Theatre PrudenvilleRoscommonDrive-In Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Northwoods Lodge (High Life Motel) Indian RiverCheboyganLodging09/04/2023 18:33:56
 O.K. Theater South HavenVan BurenMovie Theatres04/29/2021 13:21:13
 Oak Beach Resort (Four Oaks Motel) Port AustinHuronLodging05/07/2023 12:23:54
 Oak Grove Motel ClioGeneseeLodging05/21/2023 16:39:05
 Oak Theater ManistiqueSchoolcraftMovie Theatres02/06/2023 23:54:53
 Old 23 Shopping Plaza BrightonLivingstonMalls and Retail10/08/2023 10:44:40
 Old Michigan Motel JacksonJacksonLodging08/30/2023 16:52:23
 Otsego Theatre OtsegoAlleganMovie Theatres12/05/2003 21:31:50
 Our Theater LawtonVan BurenMovie Theatres05/04/2021 17:59:55
 Oxbow Lake Pavilion White Lake TownshipOaklandDance Halls04/29/2023 06:44:42
 Pandora 1&2 TaylorWayneMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Paradise Ballroom Benton HarborBerrienDance Halls04/29/2023 06:44:42
 Park Theatre ConstantineSt. JosephMovie Theatres03/29/2005 19:00:53
 Parkway 1 & 2 Mount ClemensMacombMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Parkway Motel DavisburgOaklandLodging10/05/2023 20:28:35
 Perfect Theatre StambaughIronMovie Theatres04/04/2005 19:20:33
 Pigeon Cinema White PigeonSt. JosephMovie Theatres10/22/2023 17:35:06
 Pine Ridge Amusement Park Birch RunSaginawAmusement Parks05/21/2023 16:55:08
 Prehistoric Forest OnstedLenaweeRoadside Attractions05/21/2023 00:12:32
 Rapids Theatre Eaton RapidsEatonMovie Theatres10/22/2023 16:49:53
 Reading Theatre ReadingHillsdaleMovie Theatres08/21/2013 22:42:42
 Regent Theater AlmaGratiotMovie Theatres05/02/2021 13:03:28
 Rex Theatre AhmeekKeweenawMovie Theatres05/02/2021 20:28:43
 Rex Theatre IronwoodGogebicMovie Theatres02/13/2004 08:53:01
 Riverview Cinema St. ClairSt. ClairMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Rocket Theater RockDeltaMovie Theatres05/15/2021 09:40:40
 Roseland Theatre Rose CityOgemawMovie Theatres02/02/2004 22:04:48
 Saginaw 12 SaginawSaginawMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Sandy Beach Inn WaterfordOaklandDance Halls04/29/2023 06:44:42
 Saukee Theatre Lake CityMissaukeeMovie Theatres01/19/2004 16:06:07
 Sharolyn Motel & Restaurant Sault Ste. MarieChippewaLodging12/20/2022 14:07:24
 Sheldon Inn (Radar Tower) CantonWayneLodging01/01/2023 20:37:02
 Smitty's Place Family Fun Center LewistonMontmorencyAmusement Parks10/23/2023 09:35:31
 Snow Flake Motel St. JosephBerrienLodging08/18/2022 19:48:20
 Southlawn Theater WyomingKentMovie Theatres05/24/2022 09:40:06
 Southtown Twin Theatres St. JosephBerrienMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Speedway Auto Theatre GreenvilleN/ADrive-In Theatres02/21/2021 13:09:59
 Spencer Landing Field WixomOaklandAirport Military and Infrastructure10/01/2022 13:11:42
 Star Lite Motel AlbionCalhounLodging08/19/2023 14:07:21
 Star Theatre SparlingvilleSt. ClairMovie Theatres06/03/2021 13:34:12
 State Theatre OnawayPresque IsleMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Strand Theatre AlansonEmmetMovie Theatres06/05/2016 08:43:18
 Strand Theatre Union CityBranchMovie Theatres12/19/2007 11:23:27
 Sun Theater BangorVan BurenMovie Theatres03/26/2013 22:48:40
 Sun Theatre RudyardChippewaMovie Theatres05/16/2021 17:40:45
 Sunset Motel Sault Ste. MarieChippewaLodging12/16/2022 12:48:01
 Sunset Speedway Port HuronSt. ClairMotor Speedways08/28/2003 00:00:00
 Swing Theatre (Quonset Hut Theater) AthensCalhounMovie Theatres05/02/2021 23:42:12
 Tahquamenon Falls Motel ParadiseChippewaLodging08/02/2023 13:16:32
 Tawas Drive-In Theatre East TawasIoscoDrive-In Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 The Heights Theatre Houghton Lake HeightsRoscommonMovie Theatres05/27/2023 17:19:19
 Thunder Bay Motel AlpenaAlpenaLodging05/28/2023 14:29:15
 Timmer's Maryland Chicken Imlay CityLapeerDining07/17/2022 08:22:03
 Trav-Lure's Motel Iron RiverIronLodging05/10/2023 23:12:32
 Twin Pines Motel and Apartments (Aloha Motel) Houghton LakeRoscommonLodging12/31/2022 10:39:27
 Underground Forest FredericCrawfordRoadside Attractions11/09/2023 16:35:04
 Union Lake Motel Union LakeOaklandLodging12/06/2022 17:12:50
 Union Lake Twin Cinemas Union LakeOaklandMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Unknown Ionia Motel IoniaIoniaLodging09/05/2023 19:37:54
 US-127 Defay Motel (Unknown) AddisonLenaweeLodging08/28/2023 17:50:33
 Val-Ru Motel (Anderson's Inn) Mackinaw CityEmmetLodging05/21/2023 07:22:38
 Vanderbilt Motel VanderbiltOtsegoLodging09/25/2022 17:20:40
 Veery Point Lodge (Veery Point Motel, Veery Point Hotel, Veery Point Resort) CheboyganCheboyganLodging08/05/2023 01:34:36
 Village Green Theater (Playhouse Theaters) MarysvilleSt. ClairMovie Theatres07/27/2020 17:41:43
 Village Inn Motel & Restaurant PickfordChippewaLodging05/13/2023 11:17:40
 Wakefield Theatre WakefieldGogebicMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Walake Drive-In Theatre Walled LakeOaklandDrive-In Theatres05/22/2023 08:51:36
 Walled Lake Amusement Park (Walled Lake Park) Walled LakeOaklandAmusement Parks10/10/2023 15:53:06
 Walled Lake Dance Pavillions Walled LakeOaklandDance Halls04/29/2023 06:44:42
 Washington Theatre BrightonLivingstonMovie Theatres03/04/2003 18:54:39
 Wayside Motel Fife LakeGrand TraverseLodging08/31/2023 21:04:47
 Wayside Theatre YpsilantiWashtenawMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 West Lake Drive-In PortageKalamazooDining07/17/2022 20:39:56
 Westwood Motel St. IgnaceMackinacLodging08/01/2023 10:55:14
 Wexford Theatre MantonWexfordMovie Theatres12/02/2003 09:07:07
 Whitehall Motel HudsonLenaweeLodging08/09/2023 16:06:01
 Winchester Cinemas Rochester HillsOaklandMovie Theatres01/06/2003 20:31:45
 Youth Island (Hubbell's Island) White Lake TownshipOaklandCamps Resorts Parks03/31/2022 23:05:41
 Zilwaukee Speedway ZilwaukeeSaginawMotor Speedways04/14/2003 20:26:31
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