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I live on part of the property. I believe the buildings were torn down in the late ‘70’s or early ‘80’s. The is very little known about it’s history. All that is left are a few foundations of the cabins. The main foundation is covered and is part of my yard.
This motel is still around, now operating as the Budget Host Inn. Apparently, the restaurant burned down several years ago per info at https://www.reddit.com/r/yooper/comments/z21rsi/fireside_inn_outside_of_manistique/. Address is 6031 U.S. Rte 2, Manistique, MI 49854.
This bowling alley is still open to the public as of 2023. It is used a lot by the local schools bowling teams.
I have a number of pictures from the summer of 1975 to share. I had a red 1972 Plymouth Duster with a 318 and 4 speed. I wasn't any good at racing, so I had my friend, Les Bigney, make some passes with it. I believe it ran in the 14's. It was a fun time. I will upload some pictures via this website..
The exterior wall of Southfield Bowl boasted ''Chromatic Design for Higher Scoring!'' - But actually I think the secret sauce was worn, wobbly wood .. I went there one afternoon carrying a low 120s average and rolled the sequence X X X X / X. With a house ball!
Total Seating Capacity for this theater was 890.It opened on December 14, 1984 and it's last day of operation was October 2, 1997.It was built by Butterfield Theaters in 1984 and was acquired by Kerasotes Theaters in 1985. Then was owned by GKC Theaters until its closure.
I have a picture of my uncle Dave at the Algiers in the 80s, my dad would go see him a few times a week at the Algiers, him and Dave were best friends. I have many memories of me, my brother and Daves son Stephen at the playground in front of the big screen or at the video games inside the concession booth. Free popcorn and arcade games are some of my best memories of those days. Uncle Dave was the projectionist from the late 70s until its closing in 1984 and Im sure many people will remember him. The picture Ive uploaded is Uncle Dave standing in front of the Algiers Drive In sometime in the 1980s
We spent our first night after we were married at the Marshall Motel. We were on our way for a week-long northern Michigan honeymoon. August 9, 1970 Precious memories in a Lovely knotty pine walled room. The Marshalls were very friendly and the room was clean.
Joe Yuchasz has passed away at age 82. May he rest well.https://upnorthlive.com/news/local/community-mourning-elk-rapids-icon-movie-theatre-joe
Smitty's Hell Saloon now occupies this spot.
This race track and property was owned by my parents, they developed it in the mid 1960’s. Named by my parents, Betty and Louie as B&L Raceway, my job there was to sell tickets for entry of spectators. So many memories and thrills from its development.
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