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A different Maplewood resort also existed in Paw Paw Lake area. The prior owners of that resort and small bones resort location are getting incorrectly mixed up and merged together. The man convicted for bootlegging was from Paw Paw as were several other owner names you listed. They were not part of Smallbones/Maplewood location. The articles on this website, make it clear that it was near Paw Paw lake and also made reference to the resort “north of Coloma”. A totally different resort history.

Old George Smallbones owned from at least the early 60’s to the mid 70’s (likely till when it was sold in 1978) and im pretty sure he was American Indian - (he was darker skinned, strong facial features and very tall and big bodied - I met and talked to him several times as a kid). Stayed there for at least 4-5 summers starting at age 5. One of my great memories was going into the kids clubhouse and listening to the newly released Beatles song called Revolution.

Old GeoIn about 1999 or so, I decided to stop by the old resort area and was disappointed to see that it had been sold off years earlier to single-family home development. According to one of the articles on this website, it shows it was sold in 1978. I had stopped in the old barbershop across the street and the long-term barbers told me that old man George had two sons that had made it to the NFL. Never confirmed it, but I remember them telling me. I was wondering what had happened to the shop, but I noticed a vacant lot right next to Driftwood and the restaurant so that would make sense that’s where it was.

Old GeoI then discovered on this website that same barbershop was saved by a local farmer not too many years ago. The website also shows a map area of the location of small bones resort and it is shown in the wrong location on the southeast corner of big crooked lake. In reality, smallbones was over right across the street from Driftwood, the restaurant and the barbershop on the southwest corner of the lake. I had found memories of running over the hill across from driftwood to buy my rubber band airplanes. Not sure what I was doing on the other side of the street to go over that hill, but I remember that hill distinctly.

Old Geo I also remember a distinct unique smell of lake grasses that I had experienced at no other lakes we’d ever visited. I absolutely love that smell, but haven’t been over there enough to know if it’s still exist, but it was always there when I was a kid and I would know we were there without even looking out the window. Hope this helps

I don’t know why I looked this up today, but I found your page. I actually worked at the Indian Trail Lodge at the front desk. Don’t remember what year I started I wasn’t there. I’m sure for a full year. The son Walt was very nice, as was his son. His parents were not very friendly people, and neither was his sister. The parents lived in a house next-door if I remember correctly left of the hotel if you’re facing the bay. I worked at the convention visitors Bureau, in reservations and information for over a decade. The saying is half your pay as of you of the bay and that’s pretty much true. I actually had a view of the bay from my desk. My youngest son was back home to visit several weeks ago and said things have gotten crazy expensive and that people are having dead rent places in Bel Air because it’s too expensive in TC. Maybe I should’ve kept my house and just rented it out!
This resort was actually located on Bass Lake in the Spread Eagle chain of lakes in upper Wisconsin, slightly west of Iron Mountain. Referencing the postcard, Eagle Island is in between Bass Lake and Middle Lake on this chain. With our extended family, we spent a few weeks there every summer between 1970 and 1976 and had very fond memories of our time there. Ruth and Frank Hermance were very gracious hosts and always remembered us by name every year when we returned. Hope this helps. I'll try to dig up a few pictures at some point soon. Thank-you!
Top Hat Hamburgers had another location in Detroit at the SW corner of 8 Mile Road and Ryan Road. My father owned the drug store (Danis Drug Store) across the street from Top Hat in the late 50's and early 60's. I know the Top Hat was still in business at the time I left Detroit in 1972.
A three story building was built on the site of the Garrick Theatre and still stands, heavily modified, today. It was a drug store for most of its life. It just hit the market in 2024 and is hoping to attract a developer.
As of last year or so this track was sold to a new owner who totally repaved the track, installed all new fencing around the whole track and also added other safety amenities. Last year was the first year under this new management/ownership. I have yet to see the track but it is my understanding that the owner has deep pockets which should insure a solid future for it in the coming years, which is great news for race fans. Anew schedule with new events is forthcoming.
Here's a picture of the old Ishpeming Theater (Opera House). I watched a John Wayne movie there in the 1970's before it closed down. I think the movie was "The Shootist". I'll send it to your email address. Amos
Could this have possibly been a (training) horse track?
Also a TopHat at 8 Mile Road and Gratiot..... across from the White Castle.
Anyone interested in more pictures and extensive history on the Petoskey Motor Speedway can go to the Petoskey Public Library and look it up in the white pages, if in doubt ask the front desk about it and mention Rick Wiles as he was the one who contacted me and honored our family with doing this and submitting it to the public Library in Petoskey. Mr. Wiles did an awesome job on this and I gave him everything I had on the race track. I do have a 8mm movie of the jalopies during a race and I think there is a roll over on the movie also and a fire during a crash. should anyone want to contact me can email me at lineman444@hotmail.com. Thanks for this site and the history of surrounding Petoskey. Richard (Rick)Moore Jr.
I have a Sallan Jewelry Company Case that has a pair of Bausch & Lomb eyeglasses..the case say's Sallan Jewelry Company Registered Optometrists Lansing, Michigan..the glasses are mark B & L 1/10 12 k GF..if you would like pictures let me know..
Greetings; While I have no information concerning the D06 Missle Site, I lived on the corner of Rex & Powers Ct in the late 60s - early 70s & wasn't aware of its existence until 2013. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that have been near Rochester-Utica Park? It must have been fascinating making that discovery in '82.Best,William Kiefer
My dad, Earl Fortney, raced at St. Alma too. I remember all those names that Michael Dancer mentioned--especially Roger Ryder and Bud Morrow. I believe they did race on Sundays because a lot of those guys also raced at Crystal. Great memories.
When did Merritt Speedway open? Is it still open?
Van Dyke and Harper was another location
The Capitol Theatre has had major changes since the information posted on this site. It was purchased in 2015 and a complete restoration was completed in 2017. A history is here: https://thefim.org/capitol-theatre/history/
This is more of a request for information than offer any at this time… my father raced flattrack motorcycles most of his adult life, well in the mid 60s he raced for McGoverns cycle in GR. Anyway they put a display at the autorama one year of some of my dad’s trophies his one bike etc… also was a sign with all the info of him being track champion at Nunica . hence my question,, when did they pave the oval?? I know my dad raced some asphalt ovals but most of those were either in Canada or out east. just personal research for myself. I appreciate any and all info you might be able to give!! Thank you so much!! Keith Mann
https://www.nps.gov/people/bessie-altman-kosman.htmAn amazing write-up of my great-grandmother Bessie Altman who apparently "built and established The Rex".
According to satellite images, it looks like the motel lost the part of their property that contained the sign when the county or state widen the road back in the early to mid 2000s. Unfortunately, this happened to a lot of businesses over the years and many cool neon signs were lost.
There was a Top Hat Hamburger located in Roseville on the Southwest corner of Gratiot Ave. and Twelve Mile Road
Jonesey's was where I-69 got put in. The owner Matt Dubie opened a new place called "Dubie's" on Lapeer Rd. which is where Lucky's Steakhouse is now.Info here: https://davisonindex.mihomepaper.com/articles/out-of-the-past-197/and here: https://obits.mlive.com/us/obituaries/flint/name/matthew-dubie-obituary?id=21913458
I can add additional information regarding Marshall's Motel. My parents, Charles and Aileen Moore originally bought it from the Marshalls in 1966 and we lived there until1968. My father renovated the owner's lodging. It was originally an old spacious farmhouse with a beautiful balustrade along the staircase. When tearing down part of the upstairs, a hidden kitchen was found behind a set of walls. Also, there was a coal chute located downstairs in the basement. I learned how to run a switchboard, of all things!Interesting place and part of my childhood!
The black and white photos #8 and 9th from the bottom are inside the original concession stand. This burned down and was replaced by a brick concession. Guessing in the early 60s.
Reply to Bob:There was a photo of the original Bummies behind the cash register before the Chinese last ran it. It was in the same place and was a small white wood building with (I think) a walk up window to place and pick up orders. That was torn down and the more recent building pictured was constructed. Perhaps the Baumgartners still have that framed photo if any are still in the area.
I worked at Sallan Jewelers when I was a sophomore in college at WMU. I remember Mr .Jaffe and another salesman Doug ( I think). I really enjoyed working there. Such fond memories of Northland Shopping Center. JoAnne.
My grandmother was Odessa Fox. The Fox Den was on M28 & S Hulbert Rd. The Mack Jo was kitty corner from the Fox Den.A couple of the cabins still stand on the property.
My grandmother was Odessa Fox. The Fox Den was on M28 & S Hulbert Rd. The Mack Jo was kitty corner from the Fox Den.A couple of the cabins still stand on the property.
I played keybords for Ray and the shane dells the house band for the castle until we split up and it was fun times
I find it interesting that the KFC used the same sign supports from the Ramona for their own sign, located on the south side of the property. This sign has since been removed.
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