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Novi Town Center 8

Address: 26085 Town Center Dr
City: Novi State: MI Zip: 48375 Phone: 248-465-7469  
County: Oakland
View on Google Maps  
Open: 1988   Capacity: 2500  
Owner: Goodrich Quality Theatres
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 8121

2/2/2016 -
@thomasA Can't wait to see the picts.
1/8/2016 - ThomasA
This cinema was originally owned/operated by General Cinema or GCC. It was the first in 1993 to have Dolby Surround sound for the movie Jurassic Park in theaters 1 and 4. (each 350+persons) Theaters 2,3,6, and 7 were smaller theaters, that were in fact stadium type seating. 1,4,5, and 8 were pit style meaning they were on a gradual slope going down into the theater. This theater put the United Artist theater in Twelve Oaks Mall out of business.

It had a good location compared to what some are saying. (worked there off and on from 93-97). Diamond Jim Brady's and Cup of Joe were right next door making it perfect for dinner and movie night. The box office was outside unlike what the indie house did with it.

We had multiple gold star awards in customer satisfaction back then and best movie theater awards. I will be uploading some of the older/better days pics in the future. These pictures here do not do the theater justice at all!.

5/7/2011 - Unknown
The theater is completely demolished now, as well as most of the buildings that were connected to it. Driving my the site, you would never known this place existed.
4/24/2011 - Unknown
Demo work has started on this theater, to make room for a Walmart.
9/25/2010 - Unknown
This location will be closing on Sept. 30, reportedly to be replaced by a Super Walmart.
5/14/2010 - Unknown
their new website is now http://phoenixtheatres. com/locnovi. asp.
2/26/2009 - Ron
The Official Website Address for this Theatre is http://www. novitowncenter8. com Confirming the previous posting that the Theatre is now operated by Phoenix Adlabs Theatres. The official website for them is: http://www. phoenixtheatres.

com My wife and I are Non-Indian fans of Indian Bollywood movies and discovered the theatre about 3 years ago. Although, we have always had a pleasant experience every time we have attended, the theatre is old, no stadium seating, concessions, sound and restrooms need improving and no significant newspaper advertising to draw more customers. We understand the Indian Bollywood movies we enjoy are for a niche audience. Bollywood movies need to be seen on the big screen.

Thanks to Phoenix Adlabs for continuing to show these kinds of movies here in Metro Detroit !! We just want the theatre to do well, improve our overall theatre experience and stay in business.
6/11/2008 - Unknown
This theater is now operated by Phoenix-Adlabs.
2/11/2008 - Bashin
This theatre is up and running. They play Indian movies as well as Hollywood movies. I have been there a couple of times to see two Indian movies. The last time I went there was Mid-2007 and this theatre has the WORST sound. The speakers just scream and the picture quality is just about okay.

The seating in NOT stadium seating. Overall, a really bad place to go and waste your money. For the Indian movie goers there is no better option in Michigan and I think that''s why this theater may be surviving because I don''t see any point in someone going there and watching a Hollywood feature when you can watch the same movie in much better sound and picture very easily somewhere else.

7/26/2006 - Joe Martin
Hello, just wanted to update this listing. The Novi Town Center 8 is open, under new management, SR Movies. I am a manager at this location and can assure you that business is good. We show art/independant films as well as Bollywood fare. Our new website has just be launched at http://www.

novitowncenter8. com and we are updating our sound systems and seating. Could you kindly change our status to re-opened?.
12/8/2005 - Jeff
Hello. The Novi Town Center 8 reopened on Dec 2, under new management, SR Movies. It has retooled its programing to include top Bollywood movies, as well as mainstream Hollywood movies.

11/29/2005 - WaterWinterWonderland
The Novi Town Center 8 passed quietly into history on 11/27/2005. Not all that suprising as it was never a great theatre to begin with, even for a multiplex. It was a bit dated in terms of the seating and sound. The location was somewhat obscure as well, sitting behind the large Town Center Complex. It was only a matter of time before the more modern eMagine complex nearby would seal its fate, although that is hardly a great theater either.

The folks at Goodrich indicated that the theatre would be re-opened under new management, showing primarily foreign films. Whether the North Oakland County folks will support that idea in sufficent numbers remains to be seen. It seems to be a bit of a gamble as I have never seen an 8 screen house showing foreign films in Michigan before. The late Showcase Sterling Heights dabbled in some foreign language films near the end of its life but to no avail.

Thanks to JT for the tip.
9/11/2004 - Jay
I have a friend that works there and he told me that they are updating the theaters and adding new seats. You may want to check that out.
Novi Town Center 8 - FRONT ENTRANCE
Novi Town Center 8 - MARQUEE
Novi Town Center 8 - LOBBY

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