Lakeview Theatre

City: Lakeview
State: MI
County: Montcalm
Owner History: Unknown
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2/21/2016 - John McDowell
I just checked my database of everything that played in Reed City from 10/1/65 until 10/73. Vampire Circus ran January 19-21, 1973, so I suspect Lakeview had it the following weekend.
6/12/2012 - John McDowell
Thanks for the information, Pat. I worked for Dan in Reed City from October 1971 - October 1973 (and also the previous owner 1965 - 1971). The Reed closed in late October. I remember taking film down to Lakeview and Lake Odessa. Dan also had the Lona in Mancelona, so he was stretched pretty thin. Films usually played the circuit in order, north to south. I was never in the booths at Lakeview or Lake Odessa.
6/5/2006 - Pat Weaver
The theatre in Lakeview was called the Lake in the early 1970s. By that time it also had a marquee over the entrance. I went there a couple of times; how old it was I do not know. That particular night in 1973 it was playing a Hammer Film titled "Vampire Circus." They were having trouble with the machines, so I volunteered to help. The projectors were Wenzel Ace machines with early soundheads, either Powers Cinephone or early RCA Photophone. The booth was just a couple of steps up--the theatre was on the main floor of a two-story building. There was a slight slant in the floor, and I think around 200 or so seats. At that time it was operated by Dan Creighton, who gave it a good shot with the Lake, as well as houses in Harrison, Reed City, and Lake Odessa. The Lake is no more, though the building likely stands.
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