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State Theatre

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County: Eaton
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Owner: Unknown
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1/23/2014 - anna
Word is that the college is looking to sell this theatre. They have not had a theatre department for a few years, and while the music department was using it for a while, I guess they must not be able to upkeep it or something.
4/29/2013 - Jim Thompson
If this is the one now known as the Oaks Theatre, it's at 320 S. Main. Online info shows it was being used for live performances of plays quite recently, done by the college.
12/20/2011 - Constance Deeney
OMG my uncle is Richard Pier and my mom worked at the State Theatre. She met my dad there when she was 14. I grew up in Olivet. So nice to see the old photo. Do you happen to know where I can find any other photo's? Thank you, Constance.

6/15/2009 - anna
In the lower picture, you can see the red of the marquee on the far end of the right hand stretch of buildings. The building is now owned by Olivet College and used by their performing arts department. The footage I have below is from when it was run by the theatre department, now dissolved. On this website: http://www. brianfburke.

com/events. asp there is a current image of the building in the April 13th, 2006 entry. The following are my videos from during the run of one of our productions- they give a fairly good idea as to how the interior looked as of the 2007-2008 academic year- I am sorry I can''t find my still images at the moment- should I run across them, I will send them in. http://www.

youtube. com/watch?v=QpFRccu0sScshows the house and lobby. http://www. youtube.

com/watch?v=rmX9ra-qLNIpart 1 of the upstairs (costume shop, lights and sounds booth)- formerly the projection room (current hat room) and some kind of balcony. http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=adJdAKhtTqEpart 2 of the upstairs.

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=LtV3Sgf95NIlobby and house of the theatre department''s final dress rehearsal. http://www.

youtube. com/watch?v=CJGqKoJYETYbackstage and basement (set construction space and dressing rooms). Hope this helps you get a clearer picture of what this theatre looks like.

6/15/2009 - anna
This is almost certainly now the Oaks Theatre, run by Olivet College.
12/2/2003 - Box Office Magazine
June 27, 1960 Issue - Richard Piers State at Olivet is dropping Saturday afternoon childrens matinees.
State Theatre - OLD PIC
State Theatre - HERE SOMEWHERE

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