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Delux Theatre

Address: Van Dyke and Chapoton
City: Utica State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Macomb
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Open: 1949 Closed: 197x Capacity: 1000    
Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
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12/31/2011 - Cheryl Ann Schmidt
I used to twirl in talent shows and during intermission at the theater in the 60s. I still have one of the prizes I won and fond memories of the owner telling me I love you Cheryl, but if you put one of those sticks through my screen.
12/15/2011 - Mert (Beemer) Steinmetz
I worked there in 1962 - 1964. My first job was working the concession stand (candy girl), then Usherette. Carol Shmidt was the ticket seller and Joan Eadie was usherette when I first hired in. Mr. Spangler was the manager at the time.

I have MANY great and happy memories from the old Deluxe Theater (which was THE spot to go on the weekends). The Deluxe Theater was state of the art for it's time. I remember going there to watch the movie The Tingler starring Vincent Price in 1959/1960. The had a few of the seats 'wired with a vibrating hook up and when it said in the movie that the tingler was loose'.

those few scattered seats would vibrate (and it felt like a little electric tingle). people stated screaming and jumping up. LOL that is one of the funniest memories that I have from there. I met my first 'real' boyfriend there one weekend and we dated for quite some time.

I sure wish I could run into some of the many friends I made during my employment there. It sure would be fun to reminisce about the old show and the times we had. Does anyone remember the name of the bowling alley that was next door to it?? I think it was Colonial Lanes, but I'm not sure.

11/7/2011 - Steve
I used to attend the theater as a young boy and teen. I don't know for sure when it closed, but it was somewhere on or before 1969 because that is when the Sweden House opened and I was a cook for them at 16 years old.
6/8/2004 - Ed Carter
The Utica Delux opened in January of 1949. The theater seated 1000, was completely air conditioned and had a sound proof nursery. It was located at the corner of Van Dyke and Chapoton in Utica. After closing its doors as a movie theater in the early 70s, the building was renovated to become a Sveden house restaurant. In 2002 after being used as a bingo hall the theater was acquired by the congregation of Stony Creek Church and is used as their church building.

Stony Creek church has and is continuing to make many improvements in the former Theater Building. Many of the original architectural elements such as the round room used as a lobby and the soffited ceiling in that room are still intact today. The original caretakers apartment has been remodeled and is still in use as an apartment.

6/6/2004 - Ed Carter
I have a picture of the Utica. Delux Theater. After closing the theater was a Sveden House resturant and in 2001 was renovated as Stony Creek Church in Utica. I am a member of that church and have been to the Macomb county library and looked the Delux up on newspaper micro film and have gained a lot of info about the theater.

12/2/2003 - Box Office Magazine
Richard Spangle is closing the Delux at Utica on Wednesdays.

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