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Ovid Theatre

Address: 106 N. Main St.
City: Ovid State: Zip: Phone:  
County: Clinton
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Open: 1945 Closed: 1955 Capacity: 324    
Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 791

6/2/2009 - Jim Jones
I graduated from Ovid High School in 1957, the theatre was in operation during that time. I lived eight miles or so(Carland) from town, rode a bus to school, so my contact w/Ovid was basically during school hours, after-school functions, games, etc. , but I do remember going to a Three Stooges movie with friends, and I believe that was my only time there. As I recalll, the theatre closed before 1960. waterwinterwonderland, great site!.

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