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Kalamazoo 10

Address: 820 Maple Hill Dr
City: Kalamazoo State: MI Zip: Phone: (616) 345-SHOW  
County: Kalamazoo
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Open: 1997 Closed: Capacity:    
Owner: Goodrich Quality Theatres
Web Address:
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 3721

2/15/2005 - Brad Adams
This arm pit was built mid 90s to replace the Cinema 3 at Maple Hill Mall and the United Artists 10 across the street, both theatres due to be demolished. By 1999 UA West Main and Cinema 3 were gone, and this new stadium 10 was operating. As long as this theatre has been open I have yet to hear a movie in the surround digital as advertised. This theatre has no idea of what excellent presentation means. Drive across town and go to Crossroads, it is in REAL DIGITAL sound there.

New stadium seating.
Kalamazoo 10 - ENTRANCE
Kalamazoo 10 - MARQUEE
Kalamazoo 10 - ANOTHER ANGLE

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