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You can now search for places by name, address and city. You can also search for people. For example, if you would like to see a list of locations you have made submissions on or may be mentioned in, just type in your name. You can also search for any other person of interest by their name. Click the link on the location name and you will be taken to the detail page with all submission details.

Bear in mind that the search results any and all references to the keywords entered. So, if you enter "Walled Lake," you may see results that are located in Detroit. This is because the city of "Walled Lake" was mentioned in a post for a location that was in Detroit. The search engine works best when one "Type" is entered at a time. In other words, a person's name AND the name of the location entered together may not retrieve what you are looking for. Just search for one or the other seperately. If you don't see what you are expecting, remove a word or two from the criteria. For example, entering "John" will return all entries with "John" in them. "John Smith" will restrict the results to entries with the phrase "John Smith," "John Jones" would not appear in that case. This technique can be useful if you are not sure of a spelling of a name or place.

This search will also pick up alternate names for the same location. For example, if you enter "Bijou," you will see a list of theaters, some of which may not be using that name any more. If you click on the link to view the detail, you will see an "AKA" entry in the notes section for that theater which means it was once known by that name. This is the best way to find a location if you do not see it listed elsewhere by its primary name.

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