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11/4/2013 - Gordon Fuhr
The car is owned by Gordon Fuhr of Hasting Mi. Information is available by emailing wfuhr@sbcglobal. net.
10/16/2013 - Tom Basarabski
The man's name is Gordon Fuhr. I have seen this beautiful car.
8/20/2013 - richard Lichtfeld
My wife's family raced an indy style car called the Redmer Special in the 40's. I have heard that somebody owns the car now from Hastings, Mi. Maybe by the last name of Fuhr? Does anyone know how I might track down this car?.
7/18/2012 - damon hoffman
my grandfather dale hoffman raced at hastings in the 50's and 60's and must had won a lot of races there cause i have a bunch of feature win pics of him. pics of him in his car dick springers car norm hileys car jerry sands car gordy johncocks car. he worked for gordy thats what my dad has told me. he passed away in 92 and i have his helmet and googles and a flag from galesburg speedway he beat bob seniker in a aus. pursuit race in 1961. he was friends with wayne landon and im not sure if they ever raced modifieds together any questions email me back please.
5/1/2012 - Charles Sawdy
The old race track was only dirt then in later years it was paved as seen in the second picture. The location of the old racetrack was off west state rd to airport road then maybe 500 to 600 feet the drive was on the south side of airport rd. In the second picture the Taxi strip and runway are clearly visable. My dad told me about this and I have seen pictures of people that raced there Gordon Johncock from hastings that was a nascar driver got his start on that track.
8/19/2011 - Norm Aspinall
I raced at the old Hastings track in the 1960's, with my brother Dick andBob S.
7/24/2011 - Bruce McWhinney
Hastings Speedway was the first place I ever got to watch a stock car race. I was taken there by Norm Aspinall and his brother Dick. Also went with Bob Sensiba and Alpha Lewis. Saw the like's of Gordy Bissitt, Wild Bill Shields, Bob Jackson, Wayne Landon and many many more. I still think about the ole place when I drive by.
7/7/2011 - Roger Claypool
I remember that we went to the races almost every Saturday night, that was always the highlight of the week for us. I was just a little guy but remember it like it was yesterday. My oldest brother, grandson and I walked back there today and looked it over. My brother lives in Flordia now and I wanted to visit the track while he was here visiting with us. Hastings Speedway holds a lot of memories for us, as our mother drove Kenny Kline's racecar in the powderpuff race. She was passing for first place and she hit the wall just coming out of turn # 4. I also remember that they used to have what was called penny scrambles at half time where they would throw a bunch of change into a sawdust pile and all the kids got to look for the money and we got to keep what we found. There are many great memories of that track and am glad that we took the walk back to look it over and walk through memory lane once more. If anyone has any pictures of the racetrack from that time era, I would love to see them. I am glad that someone has taken the time to do what has been done to the page already, it is really great to see what the track looked like again.
7/6/2011 - Larry Cox
I attended lots of races there between 1955 and 1960 when Gordon and Nolan Johncock were tops dogs. Nolan was the better driver back then and he was killed in a raceing accident at a very young age. Someone said they were allowed to visit the track. I know exactly where the track is, but I don't remember how to drive there since I was only 15 the last time I was there. What road is it on? Anyone please feel free to email me if you know how to get in to see it. Thanks.
6/25/2011 - brian rogers
My Mom won a powder puff derby at this track probably around 1965-66. what a great tradition the track was, sadd to see that it has been closed for so long.
1/22/2011 - jeffery wylie
My father raced there in the early fiftys and won his first feature and a trophy in 1953. His name is Donald Wylie. Some of the guys went on to sprint cars and indy cars. My father had a family so racing had to wait for the 1960's for him and he was a scca fp central division champ in 1968. He never lost the love for racing. I have a picture from Hastings raceway with my oldest brother Don jr. sitting on the hood of dads race car in 1953.
1/5/2011 - richard peck
I received permission to go see the remains of Hastings motor speedway recently. Someone put trees across the track to keep people off. The track and walls are still there. Does anyone know why they stopped racing there? Was the track a 1/4 mile or 3/8 mile? Looks like a quarter mile to me.
3/2/2010 - Larry Gourley
I have a lucky number program from hastings raceway it looks like it is from the 50''s I think it was a souveneir of my dads from his childhood. The program is starting to fall apart from age but it is really cool with an aerial view of the track.I think my dad used to go to the races there when he came up from Indiana with my grandparents to visit relatives. I was pleased to find this site when I googled Hastings Raceway.
10/27/2008 - Garrett
This place was gone before my time, but my dad watched races there back in the 50s-60s. This was the "home" track for guys like Sessoins, Nolan Johncock, And his cousin Gordon. They used to run a lot out there I am told. Also I would think a lot of the real old timers like Roger Gilligan, and Gordy VanDerlaan ran there too. Sure wished I could of seen a race there. The pictures show a pretty darn neat lookin'' track.
3/5/2008 - Ken Risner
Would like as many pictures or old movies of the Old 37 speedway or any information on the track. Would gladly pay to have them copied. Thank you so much Kenny Risner
10/30/2007 - Scott Misner

My name is Scott Misner. My Mom and Dad raced at Hastings speedway for years, as well as Galesburgh and kalamazoo. Im trying to find anybody with pictures of races between 1962 and 1965. I have a few of my mom winning some races but would love to see more. Feel free to email me if you have any info or pics.

Thanks so much,

Scott Misner
5/23/2004 - Brian Baker
I think this is the right location. Rt 37, northeast of Hastings. Looks like a sizable complex, with both dirt and asphalt ovals:

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