St. Alma Speedway - St. Louis MI

City: St. Louis
State: MI
County: Gratiot
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General Information:

Dirt Oval - Operating Dates: 1956-1961

Source: Michael Dancer

I had an Uncle who raced at this track when I was little. His name was Dean Bissell. I can only remember a few other drivers. There was Bill Terwilliger, Roger Ryder, Ed Northrup and Bud Morrow. There was another guy that I knew but I can only remember his last name, Dolloph. Since my Father passed away in '57 I had a hard time getting to the track,because I was only 8, but my Mother would take me every once in awhile because Dean was her brother. I believe they raced on Sunday afternoons, but I am not sure. They might have raced Saturday nights and had specials on Sunday afternoon every once in a while. Maybe someone else out there could jog my memory on things?.

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Info Updates:
6/28/2021 - Linda
Orlin Teegardin, Gene Simcox and Earl Fortney all raced here. Loved watching the old races when I was a kid.
6/13/2019 -
Dale Betzer. And Darrell Hunday also raced this track.
1/9/2012 - Roger Ryder jr.
chuck dolloph.
St. Alma Speedway - 1956 AERIAL
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