Sunset Speedway - Smiths Creek MI 

Address: 5907 Dove Rd
City: Smiths Creek
State: MI
Zip: 48074
County: Gladwin
Number of visits to this page: 24596

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General Information:

I am using a current day address that is just north of the old track for reference.

Source: Chuck Parr

My father, Carl Parr, raced at Sunset Speedway in the mid to late 50s. His car # was 5W20 as in motor oil and he raced with Corky Shoebottom. Our family was from St. Clair until we moved in 1960. I remember he was friends with Clare Slack from Sarnia. I have a lot of fond memories of going to the races as a kid and sitting on the turn so I could get mud in my lap.

I also remember watching my father's car disappear over the east end wall and him going upside down on the tract with cars hitting him while his car spun like a top. That was scary!! I still have my father's old yellow and blue leather helmet. I look at it from time to time and think back to those days as a child with great memories. I have pictures but don't know how to send them.

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Info Updates:
7/3/2021 - Steven MacDuff
I am looking for any pictures of the Sunset Speedway back in the early fifties. If anyone has any pictures of the car number " 3+1", the driver is Fred MacDuff, he is my father and my family has been looking through all of his pictures and all of my father's pictures of him and his car are gone out of the albums, but I have pictures of many car's and there drivers. None of my father, if anyone can please help. that would be most appreciative. I will get through the rest of these pictures and in the next few day's, I will post pictures of the track and the drivers that I have. Thank You in advance.
10/14/2018 - Fred Pickard
Bernie had a friend that had a 3/4 Midget with a Crosley engine in it, was Willie Arnold. I spent many of Sundays at Sunset and Jeddo race tracks.
3/9/2018 - Marlin Lambert
I helped in the pits with Bernie Martin, car# 72, remember these names well, Aahh For the good old days. Also did a few days at Jeddo, selling popcorn in the stands, for admission.
3/9/2018 - karen hinkle
i have a Facebook page up if you would like to post pictures and comments thanks come check it out Sunset Speedway.
2/26/2015 - James Dondineau
I seen Bob Krupa say something about Jack Donahue. He was my grandfather. Jack (Donahue) Dondineau. He once told my dad thats what he went with because nobody said it right. Thought that it was kinda funny. Anyway im looking for any pics of him because my dad only has a couple and i would like to find some so he could see them. I also will try and post the pics we do have. If anyone could hep point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it. Thanx.
9/28/2014 - Dave Crocker
For those who remember the Shell Station at State and Stone it was Russ Bowns not Bowen. Later the motto on his race cars and tow truck was Don't Cuss, Call Russ. Russ would later become the City Dog Warden.
9/22/2014 - Kevin Odle
Was wondering if anyone remembers my dad who raced at Sunset many years ago? Number 33 Robert(Bob) Odle.
6/4/2014 - courtney townsend (Herbert)
I was wondering if anyone had any old pictures of my grandfather. Ken Herbert. Probably around the early 1950s. Drove car #107.
2/27/2013 - Brian Ferguson
Track remains- Located roughly 42. 945869, -82. 559304 in Smiths Creek, MI.
10/10/2012 - Bob Thompson
i remember x 100 it worked on at my parents home on abbottsford rd we also had the #3#10 the my dad and uncle drove the #4f was driven by my uncle bill sterosky.
8/23/2012 - Don R. Brewer
Fred, It wasn't Russ Bowers, it was Russ Bowen and he was on the corner of State and Stone.
5/20/2012 - Fred Pickard
Don did you drive for Bowers I think it was a Shell Station up by Peerless Cement? Under the bridge going to Canada.
5/14/2012 - Don. R. Brewer
I race for meny years at sunset speeday x100 iam soure ther a lot of the older older fans might remember this X100 With This Angles on the back of the Car wood like to hear from some of the Drives thanks Don.
4/29/2012 - Fred Pickard
Terry D I remember whe Cliff Richardson purchased a old Hudson 6 banger from Bill, I had seen you dad a few times when I came back to Port Huron to visit, I lived about 4-5 miles from the track in Sparlingville, Orpha and Cliff were like parents to me when I lived up there in Michigan, I remember plenty of stories about auto racing at Sunset and Jeddo. Fred.
4/23/2012 - Charlene Smith
Would love to see the pictures that you have Danny.
4/19/2012 - Deana Sallee
My grandfather was Dick Beane, and I am glad to see that some people still remember him. My brother has some old photos of the track, and they are in pretty good condition-all black and white of course.
3/28/2012 - Terry Donnenworth
My Dad raced with Tubby Thompson back then. He ran car #56 Wild Bill Donnenworth. I wish that I was around in those days,so my brother and I could have seen him and all his buddys race.
2/5/2012 - Bob Thompson
12/22/2011 - Mike Foshee
It is always sad to see a old track to the way this one has. Thanks for the pictures and the info I enjoy reading and looking at them. Karen do you guys still own it?? I am look at all the old tracks I can find it is so cool see'in the places where they use to be, they are hard to find sometimes but so neat to know what went on there. Thanks again.
10/1/2010 - BOB kRUPA
Hey David Did you go to see the sprint cars at slinger or dells race track? Do you have any pictures of sunset or jeddo speedway? post them here. give me your email address. got some pictures to sent you. Bob Krupa.
10/1/2010 - BOB kRUPA
Hey David Did you go to see the sprint cars at slinger or dells race track? Do you have any pictures of sunset or jeddo speedway? post them here. give me your email address. got some pictures to sent you. Bob Krupa.
9/28/2010 - David Crawford
I remember Bob well. Just saw at the 50th class reunion this pasy July. What memories I have and the Jacobs were my Uncles. So always lots of weekend races. Even my Aunts raced in the Powder Puffs especially Bessie Jacobs. Remember going to Jedo often too. Dave Crawford.
3/5/2010 - Karen
this is karen its been a while but i have been busy well i would love to get the track up and running but its not in my budget if i hit the millions well maybe then i could test my monty carlo and that would be a dreame of mine well i enjoy all of the memories you all are sharing and
keep on racing karen
9/6/2009 - fastbruce
Hey Karen I'm from Port Huron moved to NC 5 years ago I am a mechanic for Rusty Wallace Racing if your ever in Mooresville area stop by our shops Ill give you the deluxe tour
12/13/2007 - Randy
It is good to get a report from you Karen...have you ever thought of grading that track and getting it back up and running?
12/13/2007 - Karen
tay its been a while well the track is not for sale sorry but i an a die hard nascar fan but the track when we bought it was a pond their were a few old cars hear when we got it and a old bus they said it was the food and drink stand well i enjoy all the comments thank you we have been hear for 20 years
10/14/2007 - Fred Pickard
Yes went to Marysville Graduated 1959, I am going to go to Lowes in Nov 1,2 and 3 to the WOO Sprint and Door Banger Show, would love to go to Tampa, have a good friend in Tampa , he has been after me to come down there in the winter for the races, may go sometime. Vern Buble was a real big Race Fan that was for sure. Vern even give us a old race car, Jerry O'Neil, Frank Anderson and myself, we got all the parts from Vern.

10/11/2007 - BOB kRUPA
To Fred Pickard = I made a mistake, Vern Buble gave me 2 tickets, not pictures, to MIS.

Bob Krupa
10/10/2007 - BOB kRUPA
To Fred Pickard = Did you graduate from Marysville H.S. in 1959? I graduate in 1960.

John Bearden sent me that picture that ran over him.

Old Vern Buble sponsor me at Mt. Clemens Racetrack. He gave me 2 pictures to Michigan Internation Speedway the first year they open, but i had to take his daughter.

You said you like sprint cars, me too. If you get a chance come down to Tampa, will take you to some races.

Bob Krupa
10/4/2007 - Fred Pickard
I lived about 3-4 miles from Sunset, I was there the day the car came in the crowd in 1950, my father had taken The Bearden boys and my selfe out there, I got a few cuts and scrapes, if I remember right my day got about a 100 bucks from Dick Bean the owner of the track or the Ins Company.

I helped Cliff Richardson ( RIP Cliff) with his race cars for many years, Cliff and his wife Orpha were like my parents, sure miss them.

There are so many names I remember from that track also from Jeddo track.

I would list them but I would spell half of them wrong, I know I lived on Maple road in Sparlingville and there was 4 or more cars around there. I remember Buble's Junk yard in Sparlingville, if you were a racer he would give you parts to keep it running.

I do remember all of the Jacob's Brothers, they were a heck of a racing family, I remember there was 4 or 5 brothers.

I still go racing, I enjoy the Sprint Cars, been to 100's of World of Outlaw events, I am a 3 hour drive from Knoxville Iowa, great track.
8/28/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Hey racetrack operator, where you at. How's it coming?
5/29/2007 - BOB kRUPA
Randy Karen hasn't post anything since July 06. The track is at Dove and Ditty road.
5/29/2007 - Randy
Karen, were is the location of this 'use to be' track (basic crossroads)?
5/26/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
hey racetrack operator, why not do something close to Detroit/Mt Clemens if Karen isn't interested. Selfridge is rumored to want to give up some land. There is so much interest in that area it's silly!
5/14/2007 - race track operator
Karen, please call me about your property, I am an INTERESTED party about possible reopening or building a track in this area 1-586-871-4739
5/6/2007 - Nate
karen you should open a dirt track in the same spot that would be great for your area
3/21/2007 - RrobertRrOB
i like to thank John Bearden, an old school classmate, for senting this picture to me. John was one of the 11 people that got run over, in 1950. Ralph Polovich of the Port Huron Times Herald took the picture. I can't believed nobody has any pictures of Jeddo Speedway, i put an add in the Port Huron Times Herald for some pictures to put on this site. Nobody got killed in this accident. Robert Krupa
11/10/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
Karen, the Hudson museum in Ypsilanti actually has a trophy from your track from the 50's. I bet the gentleman that runs the museum might have more info. Sean Fitz
10/28/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
Make sure it's a big 1/2 mile with a 1/4 inside so we can double the old O! God I wish i was rich. Not cause I want a monster suv or pool but so I could feed the starving for great short track racing in southeastern Mich! And help the real starving too of course...
10/27/2006 - David Williams
Karen, find some money. Open the track.
7/7/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
Karen, ever thought about reopening???
7/6/2006 - Karen
2/14/2006 - Robert Krupa
The only drivers that i can remember that was good is jack Donahue, Cliff Richardson, Wild Bill Nelson. I think the reason the track closed, was a car went in the stands and injury some people, and they sued. the track went downhill since then.
2/13/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
Mike that is awesome, great work! I thought I was the only person dorky enough to go to terra server to find lost tracks, I still cant find the Jeddo track. Sean Fitz
2/4/2006 - Robert Krupa
I went to a one room school across from the race track. I used to ride my bike around the track at lunch time. I wanted to race there one day, put they closed before i was old enought. then i started racing at mt. clemens in 1965. The track is still there, i seen it about 20 years ago. I think it could still be fix up for racing.
10/27/2005 - Sean Fitzgerald
Oh yeah, lets drain it and race!
10/25/2005 - Dondi Don
Sunset Speedway, Is west of Port Huron about 8-10 miles on Dove Road 1 mile west of the Wadhams Road the Track was on the South East corne of Dove Road & Ditty Roads.. For the last 30 plus year the track has been a POND...
10/18/2005 - Sean Fitzgerald
Dan, are you related to Herb from Mt Clemens circa 1970??
7/18/2005 - Bill Murawski Jr.
Is the speedway still thier?
Sunset Speedway - From Laurie Krupa
From Laurie Krupa
Sunset Speedway - From Laurie Krupa
From Laurie Krupa
Sunset Speedway - From Tom Sprotberry
From Tom Sprotberry
Sunset Speedway - From Tom Sprotberry
From Tom Sprotberry
Sunset Speedway - From Tom Sprotberry
From Tom Sprotberry
Sunset Speedway - From Tom Sprotberry
From Tom Sprotberry
Sunset Speedway - From Tom Sprotberry
From Tom Sprotberry
Sunset Speedway - From Tom Sprotberry
From Tom Sprotberry
Sunset Speedway - From Dan Baumgarten
From Dan Baumgarten
Sunset Speedway - Jerry Wolfrum From Karen
Jerry Wolfrum From Karen
Sunset Speedway - From Dan Baumgarten
From Dan Baumgarten
Sunset Speedway - From Dan Baumgarten
From Dan Baumgarten
Sunset Speedway - 1950 From Ron Nelson
1950 From Ron Nelson
Sunset Speedway - Aerial
Sunset Speedway - Aerial Photo
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