Walli's Drive-In - Burton MI

Address: 4160 W Pierson Rd
City: Burton
State: MI
Zip: 48504
County: Genesee
Number of visits to this page: 2126

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General Information:

Needless to say, this place was classic. The first one was opened in 1950. There were several locations including Pierson Rd, N. Saginaw and Center St. As far as I know all locations are closed. I believe the rotosphere ended up at Dort Mall for a while.

From MLive (In reference to the Pierson Rd location)

The restaurant opened in 1972 as Walli’s East as part of an expansion by founder Arne Walli.

Walli, who died in May 2014 at 93 years old, opened up the Richardson Rootbeer Stand in Genesee Township in 1950 alongside wife Frances.

A drive-in restaurant was opened in the vicinity in 1958 followed by the purchase of a garage three years later to open their first supper club -- using recipes from Frances -- on the same property as the drive-in. Frances Walli died in June 2005 at 83 years old.

The business expanded in 1964, with the new Walli’s West opening on West Pierson Road in Mt. Morris Township and Walli’s Scandia Hall built in 1969, across from the supper club. When the original supper club was a victim of fire in 1980, Arne built a new version behind Walli’s West.

Walli also had two laundromats and began to offer lodging for travelers to the area, building a hotel in 1976 to go along with the restaurants, along with a second location in 1972 at Walli’s East, where the current restaurant stands on Center Road.

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Wallis Drive-In - Postcard Photo
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Wallis Drive-In - Postcard Photo
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Wallis Drive-In - Postcard Photo
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Wallis Drive-In - Matchbook
Wallis Drive-In - Matchbook
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