Lapeer Dragway - Lapeer MI

Address: 2691 Roods Lake Rd
City: Lapeer
State: MI
Zip: 48446
County: Lapeer
Number of visits to this page: 35264

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General Information:

Source: Terry Neeley

I used to race on the streets of Clio in the late 70s until I found Lapeer Dragway. It was so nice not to have to look over my shoulder for the cops!! I fell in love with the sport and the track and raced there through the mid and late 80s. I kind of owe my life to Lapeer Dragway. At the time I was laid off from the Flint Truck Assembly Plant and had submitted an application at the Milford Proving Grounds.

I was first in line to start the elimination rounds, when a man approached and asked if I would mind if he went first because his race car was over heating and would not make it through the long wait. It did not matter to me, so I let him go ahead of me. A week later I received a phone call about the job at MPG. When I showed up for the interview, youll never guess who was sitting there. Yup! The guy I let go ahead me ended up interviewing me for the job. Needless to say, I got the job! Ive been there now 28 years.

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Info Updates:
7/6/2018 - Milo Janus
I've also raced at Lapeer, though last time was in 2005. As some of my stuff reached the 120+mph Mark, there was a notable dip in the track near finish line. Wonderful to see it being renovated and especially replaced. I believe I worked with the new owner at KUKA in Fenton. He's a good, straight up guy who I wish nothing but the best. As soon as my car is running, I plan on making it's maiden run at Lapeer!! Good luck Vill.
7/6/2018 - Randy Cronk
Jennings bought the track from its founder, Ed Vakula, in April and closed it the following month to begin massive renovations to the property — including ripping up the half-century old asphalt drag strip and replacing it with six inches of polished concrete the full length of the quarter-mile track. He said he’s sinking $260,000 just in the track itself and plans on spending $2 million in improvements to the 60-acre site. Jennings has big dreams for the facility. He’s already purchased an additional 83 acres to the south and has his eyes on more. Along with repaving the track, he’s in the process of upgrading the electrical service, repairing the bleachers and fixing the restrooms and concession stand. Jennings plans to replace all of the asphalt on the property, which is just south of Vernor Road. But, he added, he also envisions the property as a motorsports park with a BMX track, a campground as well as a restaurant and possibility other racing opportunities such as mudbogging.
1/1/2012 - Diane Monroe-Szabad
I am the sister of Dan Monroe owner of 1968 GTO he raced most every weekend at Lapeer Drag strip. I also raced the GTO in the powder puff raced, what a fantastic time.
12/26/2011 - Ron Starking
I graduated in 64 and soon began working for the Vakula Bros. , meat market store, in the mid 60s. It was my idea for them to put a drag strip on their farm land. They did and I worked on the starting line for 2 years once it opened. I was tall and skinny then and wore a white pith helmet. I had just gotten married, in 67, and my wife worked in the concession stand. I am now 65 years old and have many great memories from those times. Ed and Mike were great bosses. Mike is gone but Ed is still out there doing it. I still stop by now and then and watch the racing.
9/18/2011 - Rob Perryman
My father Jay Perryman had a 69' Nova ss that was called The coffee grinder in the 70s and raced at lapeer dragway regularly. I heard that car was still around the Flint area somewhere. If anyone has any info on this could you please let me know? I would love to find out where this car is and possibly see if it could be bought. Thanks Rob Perryman.
6/10/2007 - Unknown
Fred Zurcher To Bill Gray and Paul Kaminin. I raced at the tecumseh dragstrip back in the early 60's. I can remember when they wanted to land or take off an airplane, they would hold up the dragracing and let the airplanes do their thing. We would all meet up at the Richards Drive-in in Redford, Mi on a Saturday night and take off around Midnight to drive out to the Bill Meyer Airport in Tecumseh to go racing. I've got some pictures around here of tecumseh and Detroit Dragways in the late 1959 and the early 1960's. I live in the Dundee Mi area and every once in while I drive out to Tecumseh and the Airport, which by the way is still there, and relive some of the good times I can remember.
5/23/2004 - Jim Martin
I was at the track when I was a teenager on opening day July 4, 1968. After a long battle with the township, Lapeer finally opened. I have had a lot of good times at this track over the last 35 years. I still race there. I hook up better at Lapeer than any other track and I have been to all of them. I like the laid back fun atmosphere at this track. The owners run it right.
Lapeer Dragway - July 30 2017 Photo
July 30 2017 Photo
Lapeer Dragway - July 30 2017 Photo
July 30 2017 Photo
Lapeer Dragway - July 30 2017 Photo
July 30 2017 Photo
Lapeer Dragway - July 30 2017 Photo
July 30 2017 Photo
Lapeer Dragway - From Ed Vakula
From Ed Vakula
Lapeer Dragway - Vintage Shot Of Bob Hill In His 67 Camaro From Bobby Hill
Vintage Shot Of Bob Hill In His 67 Camaro From Bobby Hill
Lapeer Dragway - From Joe Vlk 1992 Camaro
From Joe Vlk 1992 Camaro
Lapeer Dragway - From Joe Vlk
From Joe Vlk
Lapeer Dragway - Racing
Lapeer Dragway - Aerial Photo
Aerial Photo
Lapeer Dragway - From Ed
From Ed
Lapeer Dragway - Sign From Randy
Sign From Randy
Lapeer Dragway - Aerial
Lapeer Dragway - Aerial Photo
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