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Drive-In Theaters >> Blue Sky Drive In Theater

Address: 959 Broad
City: Wadsworth State: OH Zip: 44281 Phone:  
County: N/A
Notes: The Blue Sky Drive-In opened on July 4, 1947, screening the 1946 western “Renegades” with Evelyn Keyes, Willard Parker and Larry Parks. It was opened by Dale Morrison who lived next door to the drive-in. From what I was told, the property that the drive-in sits on used to be fruit orchards that Dale had. John Selby who was a design and development engineer for building drive-in theatres was noted for his steel screen towers. In 1948, Co-Operative Theatres of Ohio, Inc. became the buying and booking agency and is still to this day. The Blue Sky Drive-In’s original screen tower was made of wood and had twinkling lights that looked like stars. Since it faced the road, people would drive past the drive-in just to see the lights. Instead of providing a speaker at every parking space, large blast speakers were attached to the screen tower to provide the audio for the entire parking lot. On 7th April 1950, the Blue Sky Drive-In opened the 1950 movie season with new RCA in-a-car speakers. In the spring of 1952, the drive-in was sold to Earl V. Seitz, dba Wadsworth Amusement and Seitz Amusement from Sandusky, OH. Seitz owned and operated the Strand Theatre, a hardtop in Wadsworth, and the Sundusky Drive-In, Sandusky, OH. John Wohler was the manager for the Blue Sky Drive-In and Strand Theatre. On May 11, 1955, the Blue Sky Drive-In planned to screen “French Follies” and advertised it as ‘For Adults Only’. Several movie-goers complained to the mayor Don Merriman about lurid advertising posters announcing the coming of “French Follies” at the drive-in. Merriman contacted several ministers about it which prompted a meeting about it. The members of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church circulated a petition against the movie. Deputy Sheriff Steve Helli planned to take the post in front of the theatre and turn away any juviniles from entering the drive-in, if the management went through with screening the girly movie. The management decided to withdraw the movie and substituted it with “The Long, Long Trailer” and “The Sands of Iwo Jima”. Back in the day, the “French Follies” was a typical ‘adult’ drive-in movie which was actually a burlesque show filmed in 1951. There is some topless nudity and some sexually suggestive dancing, but no full nudity or pornography. In January 1956, Earl V. Seitz sold the Blue Sky Drive-In to Sam & Jay Schultz, dba Wadsworth Theatre Corp. and Selected Management Corp. In 1970, one of the managers of the drive-in would be Mike Krunich, who later would own and operaste the Gala Drive-In. On April 1, 1980, Wadsworth Theatre Corp. leased the Blue Sky Drive-In to Gary Greive. In the mid-1980’s, Selected Theatres was selling off all their drive-in theatre properties and was getting out of the theatre business. So on December 21, 1984 the Wadsworth Theatre Corp. sold the Blue Shy Drive-In to Gary Geive. Gary Greive and Jeff Davis own and operate the Blue Sky Drive-In and the Magic City Drive-In. You can still see movies screen under the stars at these two classic airers in the Akron, OH area.
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Open: 1947 Closed: Open  
Owner History:
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 518

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Blue Sky Drive In Theater - 2010 PHOTO
2010 PHOTO
Blue Sky Drive In Theater - 2010 PHOTO
2010 PHOTO
Blue Sky Drive In Theater - 2010 PHOTO
2010 PHOTO
Blue Sky Drive In Theater - 2010 PHOTO
2010 PHOTO
Blue Sky Drive In Theater - 2010 PHOTO
2010 PHOTO
Blue Sky Drive In Theater - 2010 PHOTO
2010 PHOTO
Blue Sky Drive In Theater - 2010 PHOTO
2010 PHOTO
Blue Sky Drive In Theater - 2010 PHOTO
2010 PHOTO
Blue Sky Drive In Theater - 2010 PHOTO
2010 PHOTO

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