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M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Spring Lake MI

Address: 14950 Cleveland
City: Spring Lake
State: MI
Zip: 49456
County: Ottawa
Open: 1955 (8-30-55) AD
Closed: 1982 (9-4-82)
Owner History: Steve Eisner (1969-) Wis. Wetsman (1977)
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General Information:

Update June 8th 2023 from John Witman: There was only one Drive-In in Spring Lake. The theater was not in operation in 1963 when I took over. I replaced the screen in 1964, cleaned up the property and ran 1st run films, Mary Poppins, Goldfinger! . Business was good at that time, I turned over operations to Steve Eisner mid 1965, he then renamed it M104. Now at 85 enjoying summers in Florida.

Source: MichiganDriveIns.com

The Spring Lake drive-in mystery continues, did Spring Lake have one, two or three drive-ins? Further newspaper ad research has found the Ottawa Drive-In had its grand opening on August 30th, 1955. The last ad found for the Ottawa was on September 22nd, 1963. No ads were found for any Spring Lake drive-ins all through 1964. The first ad for the Oasis Drive-In is found on May 14th, 1965. Another Oasis ad on May 21st states; "Watch for our Grand Opening coming soon."

Apparently the Oasis Drive-In was very short-lived, the last ad found was on September 20th, 1965. Next, we found the first ad for the M-104 Drive-In on April 1st,1966. The ad proclaims the M-104 Drive-In is re-opening on April 8th, under new management. There is, however, no mention of a name change. The M-104 continued on through the 1970s, adding a second screen and becoming the M-104 Twin Drive-In on June 1st, 1979.

The M-104 Twin didn't last much longer, it closed for good on September 4th, 1982 with "Porky's" & "Incubus" on screen one, and "Slumber Party Massacre" & "Satan's Mistresses" on screen two. Were the Ottawa, Oasis, and M-104 all the same drive-in? Thorough research through the 1950s & 60s newspapers did not find any of these three running ads simultaneously, so most likely they were all the same drive-in. But, it still isn't clear, so more research is in order.

Info Updates:
7/16/2012 - Dianna Corbett
My uncle Norris Hogsett lived next door to the M-104. He had the pony rides and took care of the theater for many yrs. My mom worked there, too. I have a lot of wonderful memories of peaking through the slit between the seat and watching some wonderful movies like The Pit and the Pendulum and a lot of Audy Murphy movies, too. Great Saturday night dates, too. laying on the hood of the car and watching the movie with my date. :-).
12/5/2008 - John Whitman
I acquired this Drive-In theatre from Mr. Jeff Ringold in Grand Rapids in mid 1963..at the time it was not in operation, it was previously the Ottawa Drive-In. The screen tower was in need of replacement which I did the fall of '63. In addition, I remolded the concession stand spring of 1964. I operated as the Oasis Drive in until mid 1965 where being under capitalized turned the theatre over to Mr. Steve Eisner. There was questions with respect to how many Drive-Ins in Spring Lake, there was only 1, started with the Ottawa Drive In, to the Oasis Drive-In then to the M-104 Drive-In twin..During my time I had the pleasure of running Mary Poppins and Goldfinger 1st run..this was in part due to my booker, Mr Clive Waxman. I totally enjoyed the theatre scene, however I never went back into that business again.
5/3/2003 - Cactus Bob (Bobby Peacock)
I just got a call from the Spring Lake Historical society, and using old phone books, they have found that the Oasis and M-104 drive-ins were the same! They told me that in 1965, the Oasis was listed at 14950 Cleveland, and every other year they have lists the M-104 and Oasis as both being 14950 Cleveland. In short, the Oasis and M-104 are one in the same! As for the Ottawa... Still no info.

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M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Vintage Aerial
Vintage Aerial
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - That Area In June 10 2022
That Area In June 10 2022
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Street Now From Water Winter Wonderland
Street Now From Water Winter Wonderland
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Ottawa Grand Opening Ad 8-27-55
Ottawa Grand Opening Ad 8-27-55
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Ottawa Grand Opening Ad 8-29-55
Ottawa Grand Opening Ad 8-29-55
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Ottawa Grand Opening Ad 8-30-55
Ottawa Grand Opening Ad 8-30-55
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - M-104 Ad 4-1-66
M-104 Ad 4-1-66
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - M-104 Ad 4-8-66
M-104 Ad 4-8-66
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - 1972 Ad
1972 Ad
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Oasis Ad 5-14-65
Oasis Ad 5-14-65
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Oasis Ad 5-21-65
Oasis Ad 5-21-65
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Oasis Ad 9-25-65
Oasis Ad 9-25-65
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Ottawa Drive-In Ad July 2 1957
Ottawa Drive-In Ad July 2 1957
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Topo From Terraserver
Topo From Terraserver
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - 1955 Aerial
1955 Aerial
M-104 Drive-In Theatre - Topo Overlay From Terraserver
Topo Overlay From Terraserver
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