Grande Vista Resort - Benton Harbor MI

Address: US-12
City: Benton Harbor
State: MI
County: Berrien
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This resort and lodge was opened in 1937 as part of the House of David complex. It featured a view of Lake Michigan. There was a restaurant and would accommodate 150 overnight guests in 40 apartments. Each unit had a private garage so these were deluxe rooms. It looked like a mission and featured a 2 story building which would act as a lounge for the guests. The decor was accented with rock and quartz which the House of David had imported from the Southwest for this purpose.

The new site was heavily promoted and advertised in the media at the time and business was good. There was also a nightclub which featured some of the big acts of the day. In 1939, the restaurant and gardens were leased to H. Edgar Gregory of Chicago. He changed the menu from vegetarian to having meat dishes available. The place continued for many years until the 1960's. I believe the lodge was converted to a motel by the 1970's.

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Grande Vista Resort - OLD PHOTO
Grande Vista Resort - OLD PHOTO
Grande Vista Resort - 1936 ARTICLE
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