Shoppenagon's Inn - Grayling MI

Address: 110 Michigan Ave
City: Grayling
State: MI
County: Crawford
Number of visits to this page: 131
General Information:

This extremely old hotel operated until recently as Chief Shoppenagon's Motor Hotel. According to Google maps the place is permanently closed as of 2022. Interestingly, you can see the original face of the building underneath the facade that was added on later. As of 2019, a group of developers was looking to demolish the building and put a new 4 story hotel in its place. I have added a rendering of the proposed hotel below. As of 2022, I am not sure of the status of that project. Google maps is not listing any sort of open hotel at that location.

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Shoppenagons Inn - OLD POSTCARD
Shoppenagons Inn - PROPOSED NEW HOTEL
Shoppenagons Inn - 2015 STREET VIEW
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