L-K Motel - Clio MI

Address: 4280 W Vienna Rd
City: Clio
State: MI
Zip: 48420
County: Genesee
Number of visits to this page: 1248

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General Information:

L-K was a chain of motels that doesn't seem to exist anymore, or were bought out by a larger chain. They were based in Ohio and were operating in the 60's through the 90's mostly. They did have a unique look to them and they all looked pretty similar based on the postcard photos. This particular location in Clio was wiped out in the late 1990's by new construction given the description of the location on the postcard.

Update 5-27-2023: I believe I have located the old site of the motel so I have added a 1975 aerial photo below. As of 2023, a Wendy's occupies some of the lot but it was actually on the spot where the parking lot behind Wendy's sits. I have used the Wendy's street address for mapping purposes.

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L-K Motel - Old Postcard View
Old Postcard View
L-K Motel - Old Postcard View
Old Postcard View
L-K Motel - 1975 Aerial
1975 Aerial
L-K Motel - June 1983 Ad
June 1983 Ad
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