Baker Motel - Quincy MI

Address: 875 E Chicago
City: Quincy
State: MI
Zip: 49082
County: Branch
Number of visits to this page: 673

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General Information:

I found an obituary for the former owner of this motel, Helen Baker (see below). It had an address of 875 W Chicago which matches up to the address on the mailbox in the street view. That matches up to the historical aerial I suspected it was. It appears the old motel was remodeled with an addition on the front but you can see the original building behind it. Unfortunately, Google Maps takes you to the wrong place when using 875 W Chicago so the correct link is HERE.

This was originally an 8 unit motel and charged 5 bucks per couple back in the early days. You can see from the postcard photo there is a single door on the middle right of the building which would have been the owner's living quarters.

Post card text: The Baker Motel — “For Restful Sleep”. Deluxe Relaxo-Rest Mattresses — cushioned with Sponge Tex. 8 units — 8 showers — cross ventilation. Glassheat — individually controlled. T.V. Lounge: Props., Lindsey and Helen Baker. Phone Quincy 178.

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Baker Motel - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
Baker Motel - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
Baker Motel - 2022 Street View
2022 Street View
Baker Motel - 2022 Street View
2022 Street View
Baker Motel - 1955 Aerial Probable Location
1955 Aerial Probable Location
Baker Motel - Matchbook
Baker Motel - Sep 8 1982 Former Owner Passes Away
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