B's Hive Motel - Newberry MI 

Address: 7693 M-123
City: Newberry
State: MI
Zip: 49868
County: Luce
Number of visits to this page: 384

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General Information:

This motel was last known as B's Hive. It goes back to the 1960's at least and was still standing as late as 2008. I am pretty sure that was not the original name however. There are several motels in town and it would be hard to decipher the original name using the newspaper archives as most of them are probably renamed. I will continue researching it.

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Bs Hive Motel - 7630 M-123 - Google Maps
7630 M-123 - Google Maps
Bs Hive Motel - 2008 Street View
2008 Street View
Bs Hive Motel - 2013 Aerial
2013 Aerial
Bs Hive Motel - 1973 Aerial
1973 Aerial
Bs Hive Motel - Matchbook
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