Swan Creek Motel - Carleton MI

Address: 11653 Telegraph Rd
City: Carleton
State: MI
Zip: 48117
County: Monroe
Number of visits to this page: 615

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General Information:

This 13-unit motel goes back to the 1950's. It was converted to apartments by the 1970's. It appears there were some cabins behind it also. It was eventually converted to a party store with part of the motel building still attached. The old motel section was eventually removed and the store still stands as of 2023.

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Swan Creek Motel - Street View - Remnant Of Motel On Left
Street View - Remnant Of Motel On Left
Swan Creek Motel - 1973
Swan Creek Motel - Aerial Map
Aerial Map
Swan Creek Motel - Oct 21 1970 Building Issues
Oct 21 1970 Building Issues
Swan Creek Motel - Mar 1958 For Sale
Mar 1958 For Sale
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