AMC Wonderland 6

Address: 30009 Plymouth Rd
City: Livonia
State: MI
County: Wayne
Owner History: AMC Theatres
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12/2/2017 - Rick Kennedy
My first job was at Smart Alex. I was a bus boy then a cook later on. It's main stay was hot soup and sandwiches. It had entertainment on Saturdays. It had a bar with some regulars and a lot of people from the horse tract would come there after races. It had a real family atmosphere people had a good time there. I recall a tobacco road was next door or close to it anyway and wells fargo across from it. The people that owned the big boy next door and the one on plymouth road and farmington owned Smart Alex. Unfortunately in their infinite wisdom they cut the serving sizes and slowing the place died. They gave me 2 days notice I wouldn't have a job.
1/8/2014 - Christopher Coluccelli
Trying to track down a former manager of this Amc. Pam something, she got married. If anyone has any info drop a line.
2/21/2008 - Julie S.
I spent a great deal of my childhood at Wonderland Mall. My dad owned the discount drug store (Mark Down) that was located in the Marketplace, and I worked there helping him out. We used to eat at Smart Alex and Big Boy, and yes, there was a Kresge there. The stores I remember: Wards, Kresge, K-B Toys, Baskin Robbins, an ophthalmologist''s office, a pet store, an art store (next to Mark Down), and a music store, among others. And I remember the monkeys. They used to bring in caged monkeys and put them out in the Marketplace. Randy little creatures.

I was delighted to find this site, but I wish there were some pictures from inside the Marketplace.

Thanks for the memories.
10/21/2007 - V. Corleone
There was a Spaghetti Company restaurant at the Wonderland Mall from 1977 to about 1981, but it did not have a train motif. When it first opened, it was probably the most popular restaurant in the Detroit area for awhile. Every day of the week there was at least an hour wait to be seated, and this was a big restaurant. There were 3 different dining rooms and a bar with entertainment. The place had to seat at least 300 people. That lasted a couple of years until the management decided to go upscale with the menu, and business died off quickly.
8/8/2007 - Steve Bielawski
As of 8/8/07, Wonderland Mall is now replaced by a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Wal-Mart had a store on Middlebelt at Five Mile Road, but will move to the new, much larger facility at Plymouth and Middlebelt. This facility includes a supermarket. According to the Free Press, 5,000 people applied for the 300 jobs at the new Wal-Mart. That says something about Metro Detroit right there. Wal-Mart is making a big effort to enter Metro Detroit, a market that they have long avoided (partly because K-Mart had a local presence). They see the Detroit''s grocery stores as a market that they can do well in, especially since Farmer Jack is gone. Kroger and Meijer are the dominant players, but Wal-Mart will open or build thirteen more Supercenters in Metro Detroit (or thereabouts) in the next two years. The only remaining part of Wonderland Mall is the Target store. When the Shostak Brothers sold Wonderland, Target bought its store and its parking lot. When the Shostak Brothers bought the mall back, they were unable to get the Target store. When the mall closed, Target simply put up a brick facade on the outside of their store where it had been attached to the mall. (In fact, the doors that led to the mall are still there, though they now lead only to the brick wall.) The outbuildings that lined the parking lot are still there, and there are supposedly plans to build "specialty shops" in those buildings, or, more likely, to tear down those buildings to build the specialty shops. As far as I know, that project is not yet under way, not even at the point of obtaining building permits. It may happen yet, but I am not holding my breath.
3/20/2007 - Brian
never did see any movies there. i remember that there was a theater there then it moved got bigger then went outta biz before the .mall closed.i miss that place liked it better as an open mall. i old enuff to remember the animals they had in cages. things went down hill when they put in the new food court and they raised the rent. the small stores went to Livonia mall which reminded me of how wonderland was at the end.
8/17/2006 - Chuck
Shannon, I think the name was THE MARKETPLACE. It was a furniture store and when they closed they broke the space up into smaller stores.
8/8/2006 - Shannon
I remember the Spaghetti Company restaurant... did it have kind of a railroad car motif? I only ate there once and I was very young, but I seem to remember some type of train decor...
8/4/2006 - Walt
Thanks Shannon: It was Smart Alex that I was thinking of. It didnt last more than about 2 years or so if I recall. It was actually pretty decent and you could get a drink there.
8/3/2006 - Shannon
There was a restaurant called "Smart Alex." It was in the part with the Wells Cargo. Does anyone remember when Cabbage Patch Kids were so popular? There was a temporary store in the part of the mall with the Smart Alex restaurant and Wells Cargo that sold nothing but Cabbage Patch Kids. I think that part of the mall was always enclosed, even when the rest was outdoors.
8/2/2006 - Shannon
I do remember the mosaic murals. Most of the mall is completely and utterly demolished, so I think the one that survived the enclosure is now destroyed. Corny, maybe... but I always loved the murals, too. It would be neat to know more about them. I hadnt thought of those in years, thanks for bringing them up.
8/2/2006 - Walter Jovaisa
To clarify about the Kresge store. There was most definitely a Kresge store along with a Woolworth at Wonderland. When I was in high school a friend of mine worked at Kresge. My guess is that Kresge closed in the late 70s-early 80s. Kresge closed first; Woolworth lasted a few years more if I recall correctly. There was also a Farmer Jack store there for a while at the east end of the mall. There was also at various times, a Federal department store, a Gap, B. Dalton, Folands, Service Merchandise, and a restaurant, the name of which escapes me right now, that had a liquor license. When Farmer Jack closed it was turned into the Spaghetti Company restaurant where both of my brothers worked. As of this date August 1, 2006, the mall is nearly torn down and the new mall is supposed to open sometime in 2007. I heard a target date of Spring 2007, but I dont know how accurate that is. Target will supposedly be torn down once the new Target is built on the old Monkey Ward site. Wal Mart supposedly is going in where Target is now and on the old K-Mart site. No other word yet on other tenants, but rumors have been flying about Kohls, Lowes, etc. The developer of the property has never said who is negotiating for leases, so there is a bit of suspicion that the mall wont turn out to be what the developer has been suggesting.
7/29/2006 - DetroitGalaxian
I posted this somewhere else recently, but thought I would share here too… Does anyone recall the mosaic tile murals that graced the walls near what would later become the north “Eaton Place” entrance? (Towards the east-rear of the Foland’s building.) If I recall, there were two of these near each other and they depicted outdoor scenes and were composed of colorful geometric shapes. They were originally outside. When the mall was enclosed, one ended up indoors, and the other was outdoors. The later northward expansion of the mall “ate” the outdoor mural. It was either destroyed, or covered over. (My memory of all this is hazy. Also, there may have been more of these murals scattered around the mall.) The indoor mural however, would survive late into the mall’s life, if not until the end. I think that part of this mural may have been covered by later renovation work. In the late 90’s the mural was significantly obstructed by a booth selling replacement windows and bathtub liners. I hadn’t been to the mall in its last years, so I don’t know if the mural made it until the end or not. In actuality, these murals probably did not have much artistic merit, and were perhaps a little corny. But I have been impressed that the one mural survived all of these years. It was the sole remaining vestige from the whimsical, colorful décor that graced the mall in its open-air days. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Or if the mural even survived past the relocation of the food court? I would love to snap a photo of this mural if it still exists. Or perhaps catch a glimpse of the other mural if the demolition process reveals that it is still hidden in there or something. Also, I came across mention on another site that some of the earlier theater may exist still in a sealed-off unused area of the mall structure. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?
7/15/2006 - Robert Samarian
hey Chris Hurley yes its true story about Livonia Jaycees had annual Livonia Jaycees Spring Carnival that was my father If u knew who was Avedis Samarian he was projects with Wade shows for years, I really missed all fun that in past , I really liked Wade Shows -- after his death (Nov 1995) Livonia Jaycees pulled the plug on many projects, I started didnt get along with them (Livonia Jaycees) I deicde to leave in 2003
7/13/2006 - Rob Samarian
I know around wonderland mall for years and i did went to AMC Wonderland 6 couple times but i did worked helping with Livonia Jaycees( Im former Livonia Jaycees members) projects from 1979 to 2003 in 1980 to 1985 it was Livonia Jaycees Haunted House and in 1982 to 1986 im not sure it was Easter Eggs Hunter for kiddie in parking lot front of wards and in 1996 to 2003 Livonia Jaycees had Haunted house front office max parking lot and then 2004 Livonia Jaycees did pulled plug and fold case of Haunted House and was sold no more Haunted house dues running low funds I decide to retired from LIvonia Jaycees in 2003
7/2/2006 - Chris Hurley
The original Wonderland Mall Cinemas were closed in order for Target to be built at the northwest end of the mall, and rebuilt bigger at the southwest end of the mall. I saw a quite a few movies there as a teenager, I remember the mall vividly when it was open air and when it was later enclosed and a giant food court added along with the movie theatre. Yes there was a Kresge and Woolworth store, along with Montgomery Ward, and lots of smaller stores (I vaugely recall Federals, but was too young to really remember it well). I remember the mall fondly as a child going to the annual Livonia Jaycees Spring Carnival which was always held around Memorial Day weekend in the Plymouth Road parking area near Montgomery Ward. This carnival ran there until around 1984, then was moved to nearby Detroit Race Course at Middlebelt and I-96. The Jaycees stopped having a carnival around 1996 or so. Many carnivals have played the Wonderland Mall parking lot, the last being Wade Shows in 2004 and 2005. I am an office manager for Wade Shows, and the memories flowed in May 2005 when my unit of the show set up in the same parking lot I frequented as a child. Back on topic, I do recall the AMC Theatres sign along Plymouth Road always seemed to be missing letters, or have no movies listed at all, as if no one with the theatre or the mall even cared. As of May 2006, I drove by and saw that the whole mall had been fenced off except for Target, and is about to be torn down (may have even been started, I am in New York City now with my unit of Wade Shows so I do not know for sure), and a new Wal-Mart and another as yet unnamed big box (rumored to be Lowes Home Improvement) store along with many smaller stores will be built. I have even heard a rumor of another movie theatre, but just a rumor.
6/27/2006 - Shannon
I grew up right near Wonderland Mall. I can assure you that the mall had both a Kresges AND a Woolworths. I believe that the Kresges closed first, probably around 1982, definitely before the mall was enclosed. The Kresges location, if my memory serves me correctly, became a Designer Depot. I went to Catholic schools and had to wear white blouses, and my mom stocked up on them at Designer Depot! As for the theaters, I am fairly certain that the existing location (which was the AMC theaters) is not the original location. I seem to remember the theaters in a different part of the mall. I remember being disappointed in the AMC theaters, because they werent as nice. Now... it could be that AMC remodeled the original location, I just dont know, but there was definitely some change in the theaters. I dont remember anything about a fire, but again, it was a long time ago.
12/1/2005 - Eric Mackey
The mall still stands today, although vacant. Its parking lot is used a vehicle storage for Bill Brown Ford. There were plans to tear it down in late 2003 and build another mega strip mall. I guess it didnt work out...
6/16/2005 - Michael Posh
This theatre was actually opened in 1986 by Nicholas George Theatres and bought out by AMC which closed the original Wonderland 6 and rebuild their AMC version in the 90s (I was the asst. mgr in 86 when it opened)
5/31/2005 - Chuck T
The movie theater was originally opened in 84 in phase one when the mall was enclosed. It was down where Target is now. When phase two was implemented, it was moved to the west end of the mall. Im not sure about Food Fair but at one time a Farmer Jack was at the east end of the mall. Oh and both Woolworths and Kresseges were there when it was a "Shopping Center".
5/27/2005 - Cactus Bob (Bobby Peacock)
Food Fair and Kresge were never at Wonderland that i know of -- I believe both were at Livonia Mall.
5/26/2005 - Fredrick George Ryan
The AMC Wonderland 6 were the only theaters ever located in Wonderland Mall. Wonderland was a open air mall when it first opened in 1959. It featured Wards, Federals, Kreseges, Woolworths, Robinsons furniture, and a Food Fair grocery store. The mall was enclosed and expanded to include Target in the mid 1980s. The AMC theaters were added at that time.
5/14/2005 - Moviegirl
This is actually the re-built theatre. The first one, if Im not mistaken, was a 4-plex at the other end of the mall which at some point in time burnt down and was replaced by the Wonderland 6 as we know (knew) it.
3/10/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
The AMC Wonderland 6 has been closed and will soon be demolished along with the entire mall.
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