Mission Point Resort Cinema

Address: One Lake Shore Dr
City: Mackinac Island
State: MI
County: Mackinac
Owner History: Jack Loeks Theatres
Number of visits to this page: 2790
Info Updates:
2/12/2012 - sam nygaard
they now show movies evey monday firday and satrday nights in the sunmer.
6/4/2011 - Aaron
I worked at Mission Point when it was the Mackinac Hotel in 1987. Our dorm room was just behind the theater. In fact, some old pals and I used to open an old door and stand behind the movie screen while people were filtering into the theater. We could see through the screen from the back, but the viewers could not see us. Endless and somewhat innocent fun in those days.
3/4/2007 - sam nygaard
The Mission Point Theatre was also in The movie Somewhere in time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour in It.
2/26/2007 - sam nygaard
They Show movies every Monday night at 9:PM During the summer.
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