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Royal Cinemas (Carmike Royal Cinema 10) - Marquette MI

Address: 1351 ODovero Dr
City: Marquette
State: MI
Zip: 49855
County: Marquette
Owner History: GKC Theatres
Theater Type: Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 3626
General Information:

Source: Bryan

I believe it was constructed in late 1993 to give Marquette its first taste of first run films. Despite that, this theatre flat out stinks. It looks like a giant garage from the outside, the seating has little leg room if you are above 6 feet tall and its tickets are quite overpriced for a smaller community. Its a shame that we are not getting what pay for. Id rather pay a $8.00 ticket and have a beautiful Cinemark Theatre than a $6.00 ticket and see a movie at this place.

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Info Updates:
3/8/2015 - Thom
Closed June 2014.
10/1/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
This typical multiplex sits on the outskirts of town. It competes with the Delft downtown and probably was a replacement for the old Pitcher Show multiplex down the road.
Royal Cinemas (Carmike Royal Cinema 10) - EARLY 2000S
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