NCG Midland Cinemas

Address: 6540 Cinema Dr
City: Midland
State: MI
County: Midland
Open: 1992
Owner History: NCG Theatres
Number of visits to this page: 5760
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11/3/2012 - Michael
I am a child of the 80's and 90's generation and have SO many amazing memories from the Midland Cinemas. I can remember it opening not long after the brand new Midland Mall (which was equally amazing at the time) opened. I grew up in Harrison about 45 -55 minutes north, so it was no short drive for me, but the theater at the time was so head and shoulders above every other around all of Central Michigan, that I made the drive almost weekly to see movies. The high ceiling entrance and big stadium seating screens (which were a very new thing at the time) were added on in 1997 on the south end of the theater. I can remember seeing Tomorrow Never Dies and Titanic as the first films that I saw on those new huge screens and sound systems and it blew my mind. My friends and I would make the trek down to the cinemas without any thought of the drive though because of how much we loved them. Hopping between hanging out in the mall and seeing movie was such enormous fun in those years from '92 to '98. I can remember when the movie Twister came out in 1996, I showed up and asked for a ticket for the movie, and was told that there was a tornado coming toward the theater and I was asked to go sit by the wall. I thought this was a joke until I turned around and saw a large group of other people doing the same! Thankfully the theater was not hit and I was able to see the movie after. At the cinema's open and before the addition, all of the theaters were more of a standard layout. Not stadium seating. At some point, I want to say the early 2000's or so, all of the theaters were converted to stadium style seating. The theaters are still pretty good, but sadly not quite as awe-inspiring as they were to me in the early and mid 90's. This may only be in part due to that I now live in a huge city in Florida and have just become accustomed to megaplexes though over the past 14 years. I have so many memories of seeing movies on opening day from the Midland Cinemas, from Independence Day, to The Lost World, to Men In Black, Titanic, Tomorrow Never Dies, Goldeneye, and on and on. Back in those days the whole Eastman Road exit area off the freeway was so brand new and fresh. It seems much more crowded and unkept from back in those days, but I still get very nostalgic going by the area.
NCG Midland Cinemas - Photo from early 2000's
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