AMC Star Gratiot 15 - Clinton Township MI

Address: 35705 S Gratiot Ave
City: Clinton Township
State: MI
Zip: 48035
County: Macomb
Open: 1990
Owner History: Star Theatres
Theater Type: Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 7576
General Information:

Source: Doktor Hippy

Star Theatres built the Gratiot 10 screen theatre in 1990. After releasing how busy the theatre was, Star decided to add an additional 5 screens in the early 90s, while also significantly lengthening the lobby and building a second concession stand. The second phase of expansion took place in 1998 with an additional 6 screens that were added in the north wing.

All auditoriums were converted to stadium seating at the time, and the lobby was given a light facelift. The final phase took place starting in 2004 with a complete lobby renovation to update the the concession and box offices. The concession stand was expanded, a hot food menu was included, and the box office re-positioned. Many other on-going facelifts are also taking place at the theatre, such as re-upholstered seats and a new lobby floor.

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Info Updates:
2/16/2020 - Cameron Kanachki
Sometime in the past year, it has now become the AMC Star Gratiot 15. They have closed down the 6-theater wing.
AMC Star Gratiot 15 - MAIN ENTRANCE
AMC Star Gratiot 15 - ENTRANCE
AMC Star Gratiot 15 - SIGN
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