Riverland Theatre

Address: Van Dyke & 19.5-Mile
City: Sterling Heights
State: MI
County: Macomb
Owner History:
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Info Updates:
5/23/2012 - Dan Wieczorek
Shelby 1&2 was managed by Dan Wieczorek who was a room-mate and good friend of manager Barry Lietzow at the Riverland.
3/19/2010 - Ron Wittebols
Opened in 1969 as part of the Riverland Shopping Center. Closed in 1978. It was a single-screen suburban theatre owned and operated by R&R Theatre Company. Sister auditorium to Shelby I & II, among others.

United Artists Lakeside 4 and Showcase Cinemas on 15 Mile and Van Dyke put them under. Projection room had Norelco projectors with 70mm capabilities. Managed by Barry Lietzow.
Riverland Theatre - 1971-08-18 AD
1971-08-18 AD
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