Trenton Theatre

Address: 2447 W Jefferson
City: Trenton
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1919
Owner History:
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8/20/2017 - Debra Jackson
The Theatre has been renovated and is a very active performance theatre. It is NOT closed. The photo you post is the OLD photo, although the new updated photo is in previous comments. The theatre seats 355. It is home to Downriver Youth Performing Arts Center, a youth theatre group working with ages 5-19, whose goal is the positive development of young people through experiences in the arts. We also have a summer program, workshops, and host entertainment and other civic activities! To date, over $500,000 has been invested in the theatre via the support and encouragement of generous community, individual, and civic funding. It i available for rental and even hosts a couple of weddings per year!.
6/5/2011 - catherine westergaard
Hi, thanks for the great site, its been very helpful I have that architect Charles N Agree designed the Trenton Theatre, but since it was built in 1919, he couldn't have done the original. Do you know if there was a remodel in the art deco style, probably in the mid 1940s? Appreciate the help Glad the community got behind the restoration process and MI didn't lose another great theatre.
2/7/2006 - Tim Wojtala
WHOA! Am I eating my words from a couple of years ago, or what! The renovations are wonderful - the new marquee is spectacular! Dr. Noel Jackson really spear-headed a spectacular rebirth of this theatre. My comments from 2004 were premature and based on photos that I have seen when the theatre first opened - of course, in renovations, it is hoped that bringing it back to "original" form happens yet updating it and making it shine is the ultimate goal. HATS OFF TO DYPAC for making The Trenton Theatre breathe again! It is a joy to enter the doors and now has EXCELLENT CURB APPEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/19/2003 - Box Office Magazine
February 1959 - Horstman and Co. get the job to install new attraction boards on the 40-year-old Trenton Theatre in suburban Trenton for William London of Los Angeles.
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