Capitol Theatre - Kalamazoo MI

Address: 138 E. South Street
City: Kalamazoo
State: MI
Zip: 49007
County: Kalamazoo
Open: 1907
Capacity: 1026
Owner History: Butterfield Theatres
Theater Type: Downtown Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 14678

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General Information:

Opened on November 18, 1907 as the Majestic Theater, with 1,248 seats. It was re-named Majestic Gardens Theater in 1918. It was badly damaged by a fire in 1923, and reopened in 1924 having been renamed the Capitol Theater. It was closed in fall of 1976, and the building was demolished to make way for a parking garage. [Cinema Treasures]

Info Updates:
7/16/2007 - Becca
My grandfather, name: Clyde F. Hinckley Sr. played the magnificient organ that rose up out of the floor at the beginning of the (then) silent movies then throughout the entire movie. He died in 1980 and was layed to rest at Riverside cemetary, also in Kalamazoo.
2/15/2005 - Brad Adams
I have a photo of the former Majestic/ CAPITOL theatre from possibly mid 30s. I would like to have it included with this theatres history page here. also have some color pictures of the STATE Theatre marquee (taken in 1999), and some inside. I am also on the search for color pictures of the CAPTIOL theatre in the 50s when it had a large yellow V marquee. I can still remember the flashing neon. The date this theatre went down was 1977, not 1974 as your site says. Midway in SENSURROUND was the last picture to play there. This was Midways re release, second time around, it had already been shown at Maple Hill Cinema (now also gone, originally a twin, it went triplet in 78) in Sensurround when the film was released. Thru the mid - later 70s most of the pictures played here were the Blaxploytation pictures of the 70s, Hell up in Harlem, Leadbelly, Claudine, Foxy Brown ,Sparkle, are a few I remember being screened there, also Enter the Dragon and such type of pictures played. The State, located a couple blocks away was still trying to struggle with first run films at this same time, the mall twin plexes were becoming the rage, and so the Capitol went down, (76-77) and the State stopped showing movies in approx 84 and has been converted into a concert venue.
2/23/2003 - Web
At the turn of the century Kalamazoo's movie theater scene was dominated by small storefront theaters such as the Colonial, Queen, Wonderland, and Vaudette. Then in 1906 Col. Butterfield came to Kalamazoo and built the first large movie theater, the Bijou. Not satisfied, only a year later he built the Majestic on South Street. The Majestic would serve as a first-run house for many years. It was later renamed the Capitol but continued under Butterfield management. Outliving most other downtown theaters, the Capitol closed in 1974 when its land was needed for a parking garage.
Capitol Theatre - Vintage Pic From Ron Gross
Vintage Pic From Ron Gross
Capitol Theatre - Old Photo
Old Photo
Capitol Theatre - Capitol 1972 From Pat Weaver
Capitol 1972 From Pat Weaver
Capitol Theatre - Capitol 1972 From Pat Weaver
Capitol 1972 From Pat Weaver
Capitol Theatre - 1935 Photo
1935 Photo
Capitol Theatre - Radio Broadcast
Radio Broadcast
Capitol Theatre - Old Pic
Old Pic
Capitol Theatre - Old Post Card
Old Post Card
Capitol Theatre - From The Newspaper From Ron Gross
From The Newspaper From Ron Gross
Capitol Theatre - Old Post Card
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