Cozy Theatre - Decatur MI

Address: 119 N Phelps St
City: Decatur
State: MI
Zip: 49045
County: Van Buren
Owner History: Bob Pennell
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 14026

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General Information:

The Cozy operated under a different name from the 1932 opening date until it was renamed the Cozy by Fred E. Pennell in 1935. He put some improvements into the theater when he took over. The theater was managed by Julius Foder around that time also. It was open for many years until it (and 3 other adjoining buildings) were demolished in 1975. The idea was to create additional lot space for the now defunct Chevy Dealer that was across the street. The Decatur DDA Park is now on the lot of the demolished buildings. I am using the address of the building next door for mapping purposes as the park has no street address.

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Info Updates:
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
February 1959 - George Wise reopened the Senate as lesee. The house was formerly run by A&W Theatres. Bill Clark is handling all buying-booking. Clark is also taking over the buying for Bob Pennels Cozy at Decatur.
Cozy Theatre - Comparison Of Old Days To Modern Day
Comparison Of Old Days To Modern Day
Cozy Theatre - Old Postcard Photo
Old Postcard Photo
Cozy Theatre - Jul 10 1975 Razed
Jul 10 1975 Razed
Cozy Theatre - Old Street View
Old Street View
Cozy Theatre - 1939 Photo From Paul
1939 Photo From Paul
Cozy Theatre - Nice Shot Of Marquee
Nice Shot Of Marquee
Cozy Theatre - Old Post Card
Old Post Card
Cozy Theatre - Apr 1935 Article
Apr 1935 Article
Cozy Theatre - Dec 1932 Pennell Takes Over
Dec 1932 Pennell Takes Over
Cozy Theatre - Jul 1935 Julius Foder Running It
Jul 1935 Julius Foder Running It
Cozy Theatre - May 1938 Article
May 1938 Article © 2024 Over 72,968,558 Served