Star Theatre - Gladwin MI

Address: 221 W. Cedar Avenue
City: Gladwin
State: MI
Zip: 48624
County: Gladwin
Capacity: 486
Owner History:
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 5045

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General Information:

Source: Pat Weaver

The Star has a great history, opening originally in 1907 as Edisons Electric Theatre, a couple doors west of present location. WJ Millard buys it late 07, changes name to Star, then moves it to present site. Around 11, gives theatre a remodeling with arched facade. July, 1930 is when sound is installed. In 1935 present building is constructed right over old one so show could continue.

New Star has 250 seats , but 1937 remodeling gives it 480 seats, plus a bigger stage. Scientifically air-conditioned down to 68 degrees. CinemaScope comes in 1954. Author of this article scared by Attack of Crab Monsters in 57. A sad day when the Star closes in May of 1959. It then becomes Alward Electric, then Western Auto, then Gladwin Furniture, and is now Dollar Palace. Hope to rectify this situation soon. Thanks!!

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Info Updates:
1/7/2011 - Bob Frei
Pat Weaver, the most avid lover of the old Star Theater, lived long enough to learn that the old theater was being donated to the Gladwin County Historical Society for use as a museum. It is now the home of the County Historical Museum. While preparing the building for occupancy, the GCHS was made aware that some of the original seats would be donated by the Odd Fellows - a section of the building was decorated with original trim, those original seats, the original ticket-takers chair and a few other artifacts. It now serves as the location for viewing historical videos. The Star Theater now County Historical Museum serves as an anchor in the middle of beautiful downtown Gladwin.
6/6/2004 - Pat Weaver
The Star was at 221 W. Cedar Avenue in Gladwin. Architect was Frank Maier and Lester Millard. 486 seats when it closed. Some talk of maybe reviving it! Almost a twin to Court, Saginaw.
1/15/2004 - Cinema Treasures
The Star was called "modernistic" in THE GLADWIN COUNTY RECORD IN A June, 1935 issue. I remember it as long and narrow, with touches of deco and perhaps Aztec or Mayan designs.
12/2/2003 - Box Office Magazine
May 1960 Issue - Lester and Warren Millard close the Star at Gladwin.
Star Theatre - Old Photo From Pat Weaver
Old Photo From Pat Weaver
Star Theatre - Leo Karkun Projectionist 1958 Pat Weaver
Leo Karkun Projectionist 1958 Pat Weaver
Star Theatre - Some Early Patrons Enjoying An Ice Cream From Pat Weaver
Some Early Patrons Enjoying An Ice Cream From Pat Weaver
Star Theatre - The First Star Theatre From Pat Weaver
The First Star Theatre From Pat Weaver
Star Theatre - Door To Balcony From Pat Weaver
Door To Balcony From Pat Weaver
Star Theatre - 2018 Street View Of Building
2018 Street View Of Building © 2023 Over 64,903,847 Served