Daniel Theatre - Saginaw MI

Address: 2525 State Street
City: Saginaw
State: MI
Zip: 48602
County: Saginaw
Owner History: Bernstein Theatres
Theater Type: Neighborhood House
Number of visits to this page: 8136

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General Information:

Source: Andy Gray

Saginaw's "Daniel Theatre" was located at 2525 State Street. My uncle Bud Johnson's theater job list shows this Johnson Construction Company project in 1942.

My grandfather Al Johnson's theater slide collection shows a street view of the Daniel Theatre taken in October 1949. It shows three pairs of green doors having the characteristic art moderne half-moon round glass ("Johnson doors"). Elaborate three-bar curved push bars compliment the curved lines of the glass. Al Johnson held a patent on this style of doors, and they were used in several of his theater jobs.

On the marquee are two 1948 films suggesting that my grandad shot the image during a Saturday matinee: Roy Roger's "The Far Frontier" and the Dead End Kids' "Hit the Road." The IMDb website indicates that "the Dead End Kids" were later renamed as the better-known "Bowery Boys."

Around 1960 the theater ceased operation and the building was then used for several more years as a live music venue. It has since been demolished.

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Info Updates:
2/11/2004 - Jack H. Almy
The Daniel Theatre has been demolished and Charter Communication has been erected in the spot of the Daniel Theatre. Prior to this, it was a Rite Aid and prior to that, it was a young adult night club called the "Daniels Den." The original theatre was revamped inside to handle the young adults and bands that played there.
12/2/2003 - Box Office Magazine
September 1960 Issue - The Daniel Theatre at Saginaw, owned by Ed Johnson of Bay City, has been re-furbished into a "little bandbox", with re-carpeting, new lighting in the parking lot and general reconditioning of the seats.
Daniel Theatre - Courtesy Of Al Johnson
Courtesy Of Al Johnson
Daniel Theatre - From American Classic Images
From American Classic Images
Daniel Theatre - Old Photo
Old Photo
Daniel Theatre - Daniel Site From Donald Dale Milne
Daniel Site From Donald Dale Milne
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