Coliseum Theatre

Address: 313 E. Main Street
City: Edmore
State: MI
County: Montcalm
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3/11/2007 - Chelsey Foster
Address: Howard-City Edmore Rd (M-46)
4/1/2006 - Chelsey Foster
One of the truly memorable landmarks in Edmore business circles was the famous Coliseum Theatre on Main Street (M-46). Folks came from miles around to indulge in their favorite entertainment of movie-watching. Before the Coliseum Theatre was built, the land was occupied by a Baptist Church. Mr. V.V. Lacey purchased the site and constructed the Coliseum Theatre himself. The theatre was sold in 1923 to Max Warner and Elmer Wood. In 1930, Mr. Wood remodeled the theatre, adding a balcony, which expanded the capacity from 350 to 570. Max Warner sold his interest to Mr. Wood in 1936. In 1938, Mr. Wood remodeled the theatre again, installing a modern cry-room and raised the capacity to 587, making it the largest theatre in Montcalm County at the time. It was also equipped with the best and latest models of motion picture machines. On April 9, 1945, the Coliseum Theatre suffered a fire just outside the projection room when rolls of film caught on fire, causing $10,000 in damage. The theatre was not operational for nearly 3 months. The doors to the Coliseum Theatre were officially closed in 1966 due to the declining health of the owners. In 1968, the Coliseum was demolished making way for a new laundry and dry-cleaning establishement -- the Edmore Wash King, which is still in operation.
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
May 1959 - Elmore Wood of the Coliseum at Edmore returned from a Florida vacation.
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