Perfect Theatre - Stambaugh MI 

Address: 410 Washington Ave.
City: Stambaugh
State: MI
Zip: 49935
County: Iron
Open: Early 1900's
Capacity: 700
Owner History: Delft
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 3315

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General Information:

There are theaters in Stambaugh mentioned as far back as 1915. The Stambo is a possible name for the earlier incarnation. The Perfect seemed to come later in the 1940's but I will assume it was the same building for now. The Delft Company eventually "built" the theater in Stambaugh in 1946. Again, this could be a remodel of the earlier theater or a separate facility.

For now, this entry will act as the placeholder for both until I get more information. I was able to get an address from one of the articles below. This theater was bought by realtors in 1964 but the articles implied it was going to be re-sold, not for operation as a theater. As for the status of the structure as of 2021, there is a possibility shown below. Long-time submitter Carol Slingo indicated as of 2005 the building the theater was in housed some sort of business. There are also some empty lots on that stretch of road so it could be gone.

Info Updates:
4/4/2005 - Carol Slingo
The building is still there, its a store or a business this theatre had a cry room with a private window.
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