Idle Hour Theater

Address: 135 Main St.
City: Paw Paw
State: MI
County: Van Buren
Open: Early 1900's
Owner History:
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This theater preceded the Strand by about 12 years or so before closing some time in the early 1920's. The address differs from the Strand so I don't believe this is the Strand under an earlier name. Like most theaters of it's time, it showed Vaudeville acts as well as films.

The ads I found start in 1908 and ran steadily up through 1919. I assume the theater closed sometime thereafter. The Strand, which is still going, was opened in 1928. I am assuming the building which housed the Idle Hour is gone as Main St. looks to have been totally revamped. Or, the street names and addresses were different back in the early 1900's.

If that is the case, and we assume what is now Michigan Ave. was referred to as Main St. back in the 1900's, the location of the theater would be a few doors down from the Strand. I still believe they were separate theaters however until I read otherwise.

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