Silhouette Theater - Perry MI

Address: 116 N Main St.
City: Perry
State: MI
Zip: 48872
County: Shiawassee
Open: 1940's
Owner History:
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 1513

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General Information:

Update July 7th 2022: Comparing the old photos to current street views, I determined the theater was at 116 N. Main St which is currently a shirt outlet. The building now has a wood facade but it still looks like the original structure. I took a trip to Perry today to get some fresh photos which are below along with the comparison between then and now.

This theater opened sometime in the 1940's and was closed some time in the 1950's. At least according to the articles and ads I was able to find. This theater may have been known as the Liberty in an earlier incarnation. If that was the case, the theater goes back to the 1920's.

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Silhouette Theater - 1940S Photo
1940S Photo
Silhouette Theater - 1940 Photo Theater Is Visible On Right
1940 Photo Theater Is Visible On Right
Silhouette Theater - July 7 2022 Photo
July 7 2022 Photo
Silhouette Theater - July 7 2022 Photo
July 7 2022 Photo
Silhouette Theater - Then Vs Now Comparison
Then Vs Now Comparison
Silhouette Theater - 01 Jan 1953 Article
01 Jan 1953 Article
Silhouette Theater - 11 Feb 1955 Article
11 Feb 1955 Article
Silhouette Theater - 16 Jan 1950 Article
16 Jan 1950 Article
Silhouette Theater - April 21 1954 Ad
April 21 1954 Ad
Silhouette Theater - Jan 28 1921 Article For Liberty
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