Grand Theatre

Address: Main St.
City: Pickford
State: MI
Zip: 49774
County: Chippewa
Open: 1920's
Capacity: 200?
Owner History:
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I found ads for this theater in the Sault Ste Marie newspapers for the late 1930's. I also found a retrospective mention of it from 1973 referring to 50 years prior. Typical for the time, the house featured live acts and films. Given the layout of the town, the Main St. address is assumed but not confirmed. There are several original buildings still standing in Pickford so conceivably the theater building still exists.

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Grand Theatre - DEC 22 1939
DEC 22 1939
Grand Theatre - OCT 12 1938 AD
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Grand Theatre - SEPT 12 1973 REFERRING TO 1923
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