Turner Theatre - Turner MI

Address: Main St.
City: Turner
State: MI
Zip: 48765
County: Arenac
Open: 1950's?
Owner History: Lester L. Leonard
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 2780

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General Information:

Little is known of this theater other than it does show up on some of the master lists. I also found a mention of it in Box Office Magazine from Sept 1960 which is the "Bible" of the exhibition business. The village of Turner today has a population of 110 so it is hard to believe it could have supported it's own theater at one time but apparently it did. The Main St. address is assumed until I find out more.

Looking at the street views and aerial photography again, I would say the theater was near Main St. and North St. There is actually an old foundation near there of a former building that appears to have had a sloped floor like a theater. That isn't enough to identify it however. Comparing the 1965 aerial photo to the present day, you can see there were many buildings that have been razed. I would assume for now the theater was one of them. I will review this again later on, sometimes fresh eyes and new information reveals itself over time.

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Turner Theatre - 1965 Aerial
1965 Aerial
Turner Theatre - 2008 Street View
2008 Street View
Turner Theatre - 2023 Street View - Lots Of Buildings Are Gone
2023 Street View - Lots Of Buildings Are Gone
Turner Theatre - Box Office Magazine September 16 1950
Box Office Magazine September 16 1950
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