Regent Theater

Address: 211 Trowbridge St
City: Allegan
State: MI
County: Allegan
Open: 1919
Owner History: Butterfield Theatres
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5/20/2011 - Angela Barnes
I dont know why you say it reopened in 1996 I went to my first movie there in 1990-1991 and went there a lot in the 90's before 96 thats when I had my daughter and I didnt go to the movies again for a long time lol.
12/31/2006 - Phil
Owned/operated by the city of Allegan. Open seven days a week.
1/15/2004 - Cinema Treasures
The Regent Theatre opened in 1919 in what was formerly a late 19th century horse livery. It originally not only showed movies, but presented vaudeville acts on its stage. In the 30s, the Regent received an Art Deco facelift, including a cream-colored vitrolite facade with red and green highlights. The six second-story windows have been closed up and covered with vitrolite with abstract decoration on them. The late Streamline era marquee, with its only decoration being a large white star, is lit with neon and light bulbs. After decades entertaining the people of Allegan, the Regent closed in the early 80s. It was threatened with demolition by 1990. The non-profit Old Regent Theatre purchased the theater the same year and restored it to its 1930s glory in 1996. In 1997, during a violent rainstorm, the roof collapsed causing massive damage just an hour after the last movie of the night let out. Since then, the Old Regent has been painstakingly rebuilt and restored once again, including recreating historic panels in the auditorium and the original 30s carpeting. The building was rewired electrically, and new curtains were hung. The 20 by 30 foot original screen was salvaged, but needed to be repaired. It is now one of the largest screens remaining in Michigan. "South Pacific" was screened at the Old Regent's second grand-reopening in 1999. Along with first run films, the theater also shows classic films and has a children's matinee on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
1/14/2004 - Linda Felder
The Regent Theatre is owned and operated by the City of Allegan. Showing recently released films every Friday through Tuesday. Free summer matinees are also offered with local and generous sponsors. Admission is just $3.00. The theatre also hosts non-film events from time to time to increase exposure to those who may not amke the drive for a film, but will to see a live band perform. Once they see the theatre they all say the same thing..."we'll be back". It is a very special place; we invite you to look at the bigger picture!
1/6/2003 - Web
The Art Deco style Regent Theatre was originally built as a horse livery. In 1919 it became a theater, showing movies and live vaudeville stage acts. When the theater was threatened with demolition in 1990, the non-profit Old Regent Theatre Company purchased and restored the theater, celebrating a grand reopening in 1996. A year later the roof collapsed in a violent thunderstorm. Restored again with the assistance of state and local grants, the Regent Theatre is now owned and operated by the city of Allegan and shows current and classic movies five days a week.
Regent Theater - 2002
Regent Theater - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
Regent Theater - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
Regent Theater - INTERIOR
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Regent Theater - 1920 AD FROM PAUL
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