Midway Theatre

Address: 207 E Flint St
City: Davison
State: MI
County: Genesee
Open: 1940
Owner History:
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The Midway Theatre was opened in 1940 and closed in 1967. It went over to retail use before being demolished in 2004.

Info Updates:
7/25/2009 - ED ball
in 1971 i lived in the house next door to the theater which is in the picture. At that time it was operated as a pool hall.
3/13/2006 - Sharon Wilson
My parents met at the Midway Theatre where my mom worked. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and Im trying to find a picture of the theatre. My Mom always talked about the Muirs. Does anyone know about any pics of the theatre?
5/3/2005 - Kathy Metivier
The tall metal ticket box from the Davison Midway Theater was donated last year to the Linden Mills Historical Museum in Linden, Michigan and is on display there. The projectors from the Midway Theater were sold to a Swartz Creek resident in 1975 and now they are now at a private residence in West Virginia.
4/2/2005 - John Brooks
You can update the status of the Midway as demolished. Kroger bought the property for its new store and plaza.
4/21/2004 - Starla Jill Palso
The old midway theater was torn down about 2 weeks ago here in Davison. It has functioned as a kitchen/bath fixture showroom since i can remember, but my folks remember it as the cinema. A kroger store is going in. Sorry I do not have any photos of the demoliton.
3/10/2004 - Marv Runyan
An update on the Midway. It was torn down about three weeks ago. One more bites the dust.
1/10/2004 - Box Office Magazine
Aprin 1959 Issue - Harold Muir has left the Midway Theatre at Davison, which he has managed for the past five years, during a period when the house has gained a reputation among showmen for building up the business to one the state's really profitable operations. The Midway will be managed by John R. Hobolth, former owner and manager of the De Luxe Theatre in Imlay City, who also is one of the heirs of the estate of the late Mrs. Harry Hobolth. The house was established by the late Harry Hobolth as one of the major units of his well-known circuit. "The Theatre is still putting out the SRO sign occasionally and doing a very satisfactory business," Muir said. Muir reports no immediate plans for activity. He formerly managed the De Luxe for 15 years, and for 12 years operated an educational film service in 83 schools.
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
June 1959 - The estate of the late Mrs. Vida Hobolth has sold the Midway at Davison, which she operated following the death of her husband, circuit builder Harry Hobolth. The new owner is John Gay, well-known locally as owner of the Davison Lumber Co. Floyd Chrysler will continue to buy film for the house.
Midway Theatre - 2002 SHOT
2002 SHOT
Midway Theatre - FEB 5 1952 ARTICLE CHANGING HANDS
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