East Detroit Theatre - Eastpointe MI

Address: Gratiot & 9-Mile Rd
City: Eastpointe
State: MI
Zip: 48021
County: Macomb
Owner History: Robert L. Vickrey
Theater Type: Adult
Number of visits to this page: 14707

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General Information:

Source: Victoria

I remember my mom took me to this theater to see some kiddie movie before it became an adult theater, and she complained about all the litter on the floor. I was at East Detroit High 1977-80, and it was the Capri porn theater in those days, along with Stage Adult Movies in an old pizzeria building, north of Nine Mile.

A poster said that the Stage used to be on the site of Olive Garden on Gratiot, just south of 10 Mile. No, Roma Hall used to be on that site, as I remember going there multiple times for Girl Scout banquets. The Stage building as of 2016 still stands. After the porn years it was a takeout restaurant, car rental and insurance office.

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Info Updates:
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
June 1959 - The East Detroit and the Roseville theatres are being taken over by Robert L. Vickery interests, with John Himmelein as booker. These were formerly A&W-Sterling Theatres.
3/11/2003 - Charles W. Finley
The East Detroit Theater (aka Capri) was tore down in 1987 to make was for Eastbrook Commons. Today, Gamestop and Starbucks Coffee stands where the East Detroit Theather stood.
East Detroit Theatre - Old Pic From Jennifer Bauer (newer photo)
Old Pic From Jennifer Bauer (newer photo)
East Detroit Theatre - 1965-10-08 Ad (newer photo)
1965-10-08 Ad (newer photo)
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