Harbor Theatre

Address: 4195 W Jefferson
City: Ecorse
State: MI
County: Wayne
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9/18/2016 - Kim Watters Struthers
We were just talking about the Harbour Theater yesterday. As Keith mentioned above, there was a contest to name the theater. My Aunt, Hollis Sage Flavin won the contest Can you imagine winning $100 back in 1948? I am emailing the newspaper clipping/picture to you.
5/8/2011 - Jim Thompson
I have not seen a photo or even a remark in reference to the old Ecorse Theater. As a kid I spent a lot of week-end afternoons sitting through many westerns, war movies, serials, news reels, and cartoons in this place. It wasen't much of a theater with no lobby, a small four foot wide candy counter and not much larger rest rooms but it was home to a lot of us kids on a Saturday afternoon. I'm sure someone besides me remembers it.
3/23/2011 - Tim
quite some years ago just prior to demolition the abandoned theatre was open in the back. a friend and i gave it a last walk through as my family had connection to the building having rented the front office connected to the theatre to the left in the early 1970's. a well known local politician was a business partner. in one room we saw hundreds of full 16mm film reels of adult oriented xxx material. a few years later on the same pal was working doing special effects on a low budget sequel to the early '70's adult parody of buster crabbe serials 'flesh gordon 2' feature length film and was surprised when mentioning the harbor to the film's producer howard ziehm (wayne state univ. alum. ) to find that it had served as a central distribution point for the golden (pre- home video) age of smut films1970-80. in fact another friend, a underground film historian of sorts from cambridge, had sent me a tear sheet from al goldstein's infamous n. y. swingers mag that had a humorous advert from the early '70's promoting a 3-d adult flick showing a woman projected on the harbor theatre screen reaching out and touching a man in the audiences bald pate. so i guess it's infamy in that period was known in the east coast and disseminated across the u. s. via whatever news stands carried al's rag. read somewhere on a site that the '60's local rock group frijid pink best known for their cover version of the standard tune 'house of the rising sun' had their first gig there. i believe h. o. t. r. s. charted nationally. kenny rogers and the first edition played there as well. he had a semi- psychedelic thing going on then as evident in that tune in the coen brothers 'the big lebowski' film soundtrack attests. with the y&. theatre demolished and the (lincoln) park theatre closed and in disrepair let's hope that this downriver bijoux doesn't go the way of the wrecking ball as well.
2/18/2011 - Sally
Yes, the Harbor was owned/run for a while by Andrew and Dan BZOVI. They later owned the Holiday-In at West Road and Telegraph. the surname is Romanian. I was very excited to see pics of the theater, as my good friend whose genealogy I am working on, is related to Daniel and Andrew. Apparently, in the 1950's Andrew had purchased some acreage in Livonia, with the intent of putting up a Drive -in theatre, and this resulted in a case referred to Bzovi vs. Livonia, regarding land usage, etc.
1/28/2011 - Keith
From what I understand, the name Harbor came from a newspaper contest requesting a suitable name for the theater. Thus the name The Harbor Theater a take off on a boat harbor because of the close proximity to the Detroit River. This story was told to me while I was there ( taking photos )during the demolition. The gentleman was a retiree from Ecorse and had total recall on the subject.
1/23/2011 - pat foley
When I was a kid, we saw many good movies in this beautiful building. Sad that the only picture you had to show was one when it had degraded itself into advertising/showing just Raunchy Films.
1/20/2011 - Jim Thompson
I believe but can't swear to the fact that the Harbor Theater was built around 1949 and was owned by Dan Bazovi (not sure of the spelling) who owned the original Ecorse Theater (aka: the Cracker Box) that was located midtown a half block from Lovelands Drugs which was at the corner of Saliotte and Jefferson. When it was built the Harbor Theater had all of the newest and latest of everything that could be put into a theater. A very big lobby and the largest and best of concession counters. The beautifully upholstered seats slid forward to give you more relaxed seating and then would slid back again to let someone pass to another seat. There was an upstairs soundproof nersery where mothers with babies or noisy children could try to watch a movie as well. I was one of the lucky people to able to watch the very first movie that was shown of the gigantic screen although I was not on the special invited guest list. A couple of my friends and I just happened to be in the neighborhood of the theater on it's grand opening night and I would guess that the air conditioning was not working yet so they had the emergency exit doors propped open. The exit door at stage left had heavy velvet drapes hung in front of it and as the lights in the theater dimmed we crawled in under the drapes and pulled ourselves up into a slouched position in the front row of seats. Not the best or most comfortable seat in the house but it was fun and as we have all heard many times Kids will be kids.
1/16/2011 - Keith
I saw many a great film there. My favorite was Ben Hur in 1960 and Goldfinger in 1964 both on second runs. I first saw Ben Hur at the United Artist downtown , but the presentation at the Harbor was grand. What can I say about Goldfinger. Bond his Aston Martin , and his girl Pussy Galore. puberty struck like a diamond bullet. When the theater was Torn down I took some excellent photos of the interior , also I took one of the arm rest.
7/19/2008 - LarryT
1965-1966 The Harbor was run by Marvin Mauch and Robert Morin, who left The Fox downtown to own and run their own theatre. Opened with "The Yellow Rolls Royce" the group didn''t have the financial resources to stick it out.
I was there
7/5/2006 - JerryD
This theatre was operated for a very short period in 1964-65 by Nicholas George Theatres, (NGT) Joe Busic was the District Manager for NGT at the time.
Harbor Theatre - OLD PHOTO
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