Fenton Cinema

Address: 291 N Alloy Dr
City: Fenton
State: MI
County: Genesee
Open: 1985
Owner History: Diane and Dean Kitchen
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Info Updates:
4/9/2014 - Randal
The Cinema is no more, it is an empty lot, should've gotten some photos but didn't, imagine Tri County Times may have some. The last management didn't keep the place up, read many complaints in the paper about it. Still sad to see it go, family would be out and about we'd stop by just to get popcorn there.
1/17/2012 - Creative Cinemas, LLC
Creative Cinemas, LLC in Kalispell is looking to purchase Fenton Cinema and open it as a theater again. However, they are still looking for some start-up money. If you are interested in helping please visit www. creastivecinemasllc. com Thank you!.
8/14/2010 - jt
Drive by here over the weekend. there is a for sale sign that faces US - 23.
10/26/2009 - Mike Leslie
I tried to lease this building from bank back in jan. 09. was working on it until they told me they had a PA for it in Feb. Have no idea who bought it other than they said it was a theatre co. It is still closed to this day. what a shame it was fully stocked and ready to go. I would have had it opened by the spring. It was closed with the stock still in building.
5/15/2009 - toby
Would like to clarify, that I have personal knowledge of the attendance figures from Fenton, and 04 and 05 were 2 of the best years ever. The proximity of Trillium (10 miles away) started hurting business in 06 and beyond, but the failing economy/local auto industry seemed to be the nail in the coffin.
3/12/2009 - donringo
This place was wonderful and had great management, was kept clean, and friendly through the 90''s, and started coming apart around 01 -02. Still, it was ok until they Kitchens sold the theatre, and the new owner neglected the business completely, leaving it to be run by lazy kids who didn''t care, maintain, clean, fix, or bother to wait on customers over talking on cell phones. They lost most of their business before Trillian opened and long before the Obama trashed the economy. Heck, he wasn''t even in office until after it was closed! This place was selling out shows in 2001, by 2003 they lost a lot of steam and by 2008 they were empty. But they still couldn''t seem to clean up even after such small crowds....very sad.
12/8/2008 - diggs
The Fenton Cinema closed its doors last night (December 7, 2008) probably for the last time as a cinema.

It will be greatly missed as a local small business that out-survived a myriad of chain owned multiplexes in the Flint area.

As the previous post stated, it was sold about 4 years ago and the new owner didn''t seem to devote the attention the business needed for it to survive.

4/13/2004 - Flint Journal
The folks who built Fenton Cinema and operated it for nearly two decades have relinquished their control over the eight-screen, independent theater. Dean and Diane Kitchen have sold the building to a circuit from Grand Rapids. The new owner, Jason Lillmars, has theaters in Fremont, Rockford and Whitehall (under the name NorthStar Cinemas). The sale price was not disclosed. Well miss the Kitchens, who started Fenton Cinema in 1985 as a twin-screen house. They kept a clean facility that always was responsive to its community. They reacted to community growth by twice expanding the theater, to five screens in 1990 and eight in 1998. The Kitchens formerly owned theaters in Clarkston, Howell and East Tawas as well as Fenton, but theyve pulled out of the business altogether with the Fenton sale. "Wed like to thank all the people who have supported us over the years. The people in Fenton and surrounding cities have been great," said Dean Kitchen, whose family has been in the theater business for more than 50 years.
Fenton Cinema - MAY 2002
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Fenton Cinema - MAY 2002
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Fenton Cinema - MAY 2002
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Fenton Cinema - APRIL 2021 NOW AN EMPTY LOT
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Fenton Cinema - APRIL 2021 NOW AN EMPTY LOT
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