Movies at West Main - Kalamazoo MI

Address: 148 West Main Mall
City: Kalamazoo
State: MI
Zip: 49009
County: Kalamazoo
Open: 1969
Capacity: 1500
Owner History: United Artists
Theater Type: Shopping Center - Early Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 9571

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General Information:

Source: Brad Adams

Opened in 68 or 69 as single screen in first enclosed mall in Kalamazoo. Later added 5, and then later added to get 10 screens, only original theatre was big, other 9 were small mall theatres with no stereo sound. Theatre and mall demolished in 99, a new Lowes home store sits there.

Info Updates:
8/1/2016 - Brian Coady
I remember this mall opening in the late 60's. It was filled with stores and it was always busy. At the center was the most fabulous fountain with long delicate arms emanating from a silver orb and each ending it a flower-like spray of water. The whole thing was lit in various colors at some indiscernible rhythm. There was Spencer's gifts there, and in the back was this big black light poster that had drawers of naked people, and I would sneak in there to peek and I felt so wrong but drawn nonetheless. The movie theaters were state of the art and we're at the far west end. I remember watching the towering inferno there and thinking it was such a great movie. Wow.
7/12/2014 - Bryan
At one time the main theater (Theater 1) was the largest 35mm screen in Michigan. I remember the purple, yellow and orange seats and walls. Saw Star Trek the Motion Picture here, and the sound system was amazing. The entrance was on the upper level around the back of the West Main mall. After the movie you could take your ticket stub to the Arcade across the way Called The Fun Factory for a free token. West Main Mall stores included: Chess King, Hot Sams Pretzels, Duffs Buffet, Tots to Teens, Zayers Department store, Little Chick Shoe store, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, JC Pennys, Gantos, and more. Water Fountain Light Shows, what great memories in the 80's!.
9/16/2007 - JAlexander
Theatre opened December 25, 1969. Originally a Fabian chain operation.
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