Lake Louise - Boyne Falls MI

Address: 11037 Thumb Lake Rd
City: Boyne Falls
State: MI
Zip: 49713
County: Charlevoix
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As the logging era in Northern Michigan waned and Great Depression descended upon the United States, the Horner family of Eaton Rapids, MI held approximately 5,500 acres of “stump land” surrounding a spring-fed lake in Northern Michigan.

In 1934, the Horner family approached their pastor, Rev. Stanley Niles, desiring to give these lands away. Together, the Horners and Rev. Niles envisioned a youth camp and cottage sites for clergy families surrounding the lake.

They created Lake Louise Christian Community, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, to receive the gift and hold the land in trust for the two United Methodist Michigan conferences, and by extension, all Michigan Methodists. Yet, our ministry transcends traditional Christian denominational lines, welcoming all persons of Christian faith, and seeks to offer an environment in which all persons feel welcome, regardless of faith tradition.

The transformational camping experiences of children, youth, and adults of the Methodist Church linger in their memories and continue forming their lives and faith long after they leave.

Christian camping at Lake Louise began in 1935 and continues uninterrupted to this day. Until 1997, the Detroit and West Michigan Conferences used Lake Louise to facilitate many of their camping programs. And, in 2006 sent the last conference designed and funded programs to Lake Louise. Today, the Lake Louise staff works with dedicated volunteer deans and counselors to develop and offer vibrant Christian camping programs.

Independent and self-sustaining, Lake Louise’s Methodist heritage remains a formative agent in our identity and ministry. As we embrace our history and seek to be a camp and retreat center that is an asset not only to the Methodists of Michigan, but to the local Boyne area community and all people seeking respite and renewal, we look to the future filled with joy, a sense of privilege to be entrusted with these lands, community, and ministry, and hope for the future.

Lake Louise Christian Community still holds title to 2,400 acres of the original gift of 5,500 acres. Roughly half of the property was sold back to the State of Michigan in 1935.

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