Juliana's Christmas Shop - Copper Harbor MI

Address: 726 Bernard
City: Copper Harbor
State: MI
Zip: 49918
County: Keweenaw
Number of visits to this page: 2062

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General Information:

Juliana Holmer emigrated from Germany and ended up in Copper Harbor running this store or 25 years. She passed away in 1994. The Gratiot street (M-26) address is a guess on my part. I need to get up to Copper Harbor. There are tons of vintage attractions up there I need to check out.

Because I get obsessed with these things, I spent an hour checking out the old street views of Copper Harbor while I was watching a movie and I found something that looks very much like the old Christmas Shop. The paint job has been changed and one of the front windows looks different but other than that the unique structure matches up. It is on 7th St.

The street view was super grainy so I just randomly searched for businesses on 7th Street in Copper Harbor and this place came up as Solstice Cottage. So, making the logical leap that I have the right place, I have determined the structure exists and it is now an Air BnB/VRBO rental property. Oddly they still don't list a street address which drives me nuts. I will use the address for the house next door for reference but the actual structure is at Bernard and 7th St.

In isolation it doesn't look like an old store but it is right near many motels and other businesses. It also fits the description of being amongst the pines and near the water which is indicated on the old postcard.

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Julianas Christmas Shop - Vintage Postcard
Vintage Postcard
Julianas Christmas Shop - Vintage Postcard
Vintage Postcard
Julianas Christmas Shop - Aug 15 1994 Former Owner Passes Away
Aug 15 1994 Former Owner Passes Away
Julianas Christmas Shop - Rental Photo
Rental Photo
Julianas Christmas Shop - Comparison Then Vs Now
Comparison Then Vs Now
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