Ravenna Bowl - Ravenna MI

Address: 2900 S Slocum Rd
City: Ravenna
State: MI
Zip: 49451
County: Muskegon
Number of visits to this page: 1423

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General Information:

This alley is still operating as of 2022. Reviews are good. I like the rural setting. I found a 1992 story about a gentleman who bowled a 300 there and sadly passed away a few minutes later. The alley goes back to the 60's. It was on the 1969 aerial but not the 1955.

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Ravenna Bowl - 2019 Street View
2019 Street View
Ravenna Bowl - 1992 Aerial
1992 Aerial
Ravenna Bowl - 1982 Aerial
1982 Aerial
Ravenna Bowl - 1969 Aerial
1969 Aerial
Ravenna Bowl - 1992 Article On Death Of Bowler Who Had A Perfect Game
1992 Article On Death Of Bowler Who Had A Perfect Game
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