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Superior Drive-In Theatre

Address: M-28
City: Munising State: MI Zip: Unknown Phone:  
County: Alger
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Open: 1954 (6-11-54) AD Closed: N/A Capacity: 200 (1965,1972) Status: Closed  
Owner History: Richard Bandeau
Web Address: N/A
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4/8/2015 - kenneth latvala
The theater was north of 28 & west of conners road. Mirons Lived near it. And the Clyde Beatty circus came to the same place.
3/29/2015 - Warren Methot
Your highlights in yellow are not where it was located. It was on the other (north) side of the M28 highway. I went there as a kid. My grandparents house was on the side you have highlighted.

8/5/2014 - Dave Lempke
Yes this Drive In was in Wetmore. It was basically in my grandmother's backyard. I remember very early 60's was still operating. By mid 60's not. I would have to look at old photo's for exact location.

8/26/2013 - WinterWinterWonderland
Looking back over aerial photos going back to 1953, there is no sign of the drive-in in the area indicated. The search continues.
12/9/2010 - FA
It was in that area, but a little closer to where the mini golf is, I think. I remember going into the abandoned projection booth in the early 60's and finding a roll of unused tickets.
6/6/2004 - Mary
Yes, there was a drive-in located in Wetmore, on your right side driving east before you came to the intersection of Highway 13. I know it was there in the 50s but not sure when it closed.
10/1/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
There is not much known about this drive-in, in fact the local people I asked don't seem to recall having a drive-in.
Superior Drive-In Theatre - AERIAL PHOTO

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